What is the TKE International Sweetheart?

The International Sweetheart of TKE recognizes TKE Nation’s women leaders for their commitment to impacting their local communities, advancing scholastic success and embodying the values that have shaped our great Fraternity. For decades, Tau Kappa Epsilon has recognized these women as recipients of the TKE International Sweetheart honor, which includes the $500 Melanie Crockard TKE Woman of Distinction Scholarship from the TKE Foundation. This honor recognizes their academic achievement, community engagement, and  local TKE chapter and community impact.

The ‘Old Sweetheart Song’ written by Frater Al Rockwell (Alpha-Xi, Drake Univ.), and redone by The Lettermen, is sung each year to both chapter (at annual Red Carnation Balls) and our International Sweethearts (at Regional Leadership Conferences or Conclaves) when installing them to the position.

Application Process

Complete the TKE International Sweetheart Application and send all required information below to:
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
    Attn: Courtney Frechin
    7439 Woodland Drive, Suite 100
    Indianapolis, IN 46278

Please mail the following with your application:

  1. $25 entry fee; make checks payable to "Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity."
  2. If you don't upload it on your application, please mail a 8" x 10" glossy "head and shoulders" photograph. At least three supplemental photographs of your choice. (To be used in announcements and THE TEKE Magazine.)

The applicant does not have to be pinned or engaged to a Teke, nor does she have to be the Chapter Sweetheart.

Sweetheart Applications are due by March 15.

After all entries have been received by the Offices of the Grand Chapter, four to eight finalists will be selected. An announcement will be prepared, containing a short biographical sketch and photograph of the finalists. This announcement, along with a ballot, will be distributed to all chapters for voting. All candidates will be notified of their status, whether finalist or not, before the voting process begins. Each chapter member will have the opportunity to vote online once the finalists are announced. The candidate with the most votes becomes the TKE International Sweetheart.

She, and the chapter she represents, will be notified on or before May 15. All other finalists will be advised of the International Sweetheart's selection by this date. As in the past, applicants (or the members of the chapters they represent) are not allowed to campaign for votes. Evidence of campaigning for votes will immediately disqualify the applicant.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Courtney Frechin.

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