You have an essential role to play in April as we celebrate our TKE volunteers. Those Fraters and Friends of TKE who give their time and talent to support you and other members deserve our gratitude and so much more.

National Volunteer Month is held in April and is dedicated to promoting and celebrating volunteerism. National Volunteer Week will be April 18-24 in both Canada and the United States. The entire month is an important opportunity to say thank you and celebrate the impact our many volunteers make on the lives of both collegiates and alumni. This is also an opportunity to create more awareness and visibility about volunteering and to actively recruit alumni and others to get involved.



    You can do this in direct, personal ways and also publicly on social media.


    Utilize different social media channels, graphics and videos.

    Be sure to tag @TKE_Fraternity and use #IAMTKE and #NVM or #NVW so we can join you in showing gratitude for our volunteers.


    Additional information and resources will be coming to support this effort for later in the month, utilize this opportunity to expand awareness of specific volunteer opportunities in your area.

Use the tips and resources on this page to spark your conversations and make it easier to engage throughout the month. Simple steps can be started quickly and can be expanded throughout the month. Histors and Prytani can share ideas and ask questions via GroupMe.

Contact Chris Niles ( for more information and support.


Social media is a simple way to spread your gratitude to volunteers. The team at TKE HQ have put together a tool kit of images and post suggestions for you to use to make the process even simpler. Download the graphics below and start showing your volunteers some appreciation!

  • Have members brainstorm specific examples of how volunteers made a personal impact on them and also what impact has been made on the whole group…use those stories
  • Flood social media during the month with volunteer recognition
  • Find a good balance using both personal accounts and group accounts
  • Ask alumni of different ages to share stories of volunteers who impacted them
  • Recycling/Reposting is allowed and encouraged during the month
  • Consider posting on various platforms on different dates rather than just sharing once

Suggested Captions

  • TKE would not be what it is today without the support of our volunteers! Thank you to @Frater, @Frater and @Frater for your support this year!
  • During April, we are celebrating our volunteers. Thank you to our newest volunteer @ Frater for joining the Upsilon-Iota chapter volunteer team!
  • The Upsilon-Iota chapter would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of the volunteers that help us make our chapter what it is today!
  • Thank you to our Chapter Advisor, @Advisor, for all that you do for us every year.
  • I am proud to be leading such a devoted team of volunteers in the Lonestar Province. Thank you to @Frater @Frater @Frater @Frater.
  • Last year, @Frater helped the Upsilon-Iota Chapter to remodel their study lounge. We cannot thank you enough for your dedication to the Chapter.

How To Edit Images

You can easily edit/add your own photos using

Canva Example
  • Visit, and log in or make a free account.
  • On your home page, select the “Social Media” bubble, and select “Instagram Post” to open a design.
  • On the left sidebar, select “Uploads” > “Upload Media” > “Device”
  • Upload your own photo, and then upload the Transparent, Grey, or Red template from the Tool Kit.
  • After uploading, click your photo from the “Uploads” Tab to put in on the canvas. Resize it using the teal outlines to fill the entire canvas square. You can adjust the photo position by double clicking.
  • Repeat with the template from the tool kit.
  • If you use multiple photos, you can adjust the layer positions under the “Position” tab in the upper right.
  • When finished, select “Download” > “PNG” > “Download” and save it for posting!


  • Local Volunteers: Chapter Advisor, Board members, Alumni Association Officers
  • Regional Volunteers: Grand Province Advisor/Province Advisors
  • Members of the Grand Council
  • Parents who have helped
  • Who has served the longest? Who is the newest? 
  • Who is the oldest? Who is the youngest?
  • Who has served in multiple roles?
  • Faculty and staff who have made an extra effort
  • Who has made a big impact but is no longer officially volunteering?
  • Alums from your chapter who are volunteering with other chapters
  • Someone who did something specific or creative during COVID
  • Non-member volunteers
  • Who in the chapter eternal made a big impact as a volunteer?
  • Local businesses/individuals who donated items or gave discounts
  • Founders/Refounders
  • Who helps with big events: tailgates, reunions, golf, etc.?
  • Who helps with rituals, meals, etc.?
  • Who helps with physical labor, building/fixing, clean-up?
  • Who helps with recruitment?
  • Who helps with house-related efforts?
  • Who helps with your philanthropy events?


  • Make it personal with a direct call or a handwritten note
  • Offer public thank you’s to individuals and groups via social media
  • Share the load – have everyone helping make calls and writing notes
  • Someone receiving multiple thank you’s is definitely okay
  • Consider each candidate class selecting an “MVP” among the volunteers
  • Consider asking a university official to send a thank you to your chapter advisor
  • Get creative and fun with how to say thanks


  • Have members brainstorm specific examples of volunteers making a personal impact on them and also what impact has been made on the whole group
    • Use these stories when sharing in newsletters, emails and on social media.
    • Consider featuring these stories on your website.
  • Build your schedule so that stories are consistently shared throughout the month.
  • Have past officers think about key events/contributions during their term.
    • Write thank you messages to that volunteer or use a graphic like the ones on this page to publicly thank them.
  • Ask alumni to share stories of high impact volunteers/experiences during their time.
    • It is never too late to thank a volunteer. Who helped make the chapter what it is today?
  • Consider asking a university official to send a thank you to your chapter advisor or use the graphics on this page to thank any other community members who give their time to advise.
  • Ask your parents to help thank the key volunteers that support your group.
  • Build a competition around the number of cards sent, calls, posts, etc.