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University of Georgia

Xi-Lambda C at University of Georgia
Founded: March 25, 1972
City: Cumming
State: GA
Zip Code: 30040-6676
Phone: 678-790-2827
Website: www.georgiatke.com
Prytanis (Chapter President): Jonathan H. He
Board of Advisor Chairman: Nick R. Callies
Chapter Advisor: Nick R. Callies
Chapter Email:
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Excellence in Involvement - Community Service 8/9/2013
Excellence in Involvement - Alumni Relations (Honorable Mention) 8/9/2013
Excellence in Achievement - Academic Success (Honorable Mention) 8/9/2013
Excellence in Achievement - Extracurricular Activities 8/9/2013
Top Attendance at TKE Educational Conferences 6/1/2011 - 5/31/2012
Excellence in Recruitment - Results (Honorable Mention) 6/1/2010 - 5/31/2011
Excellence in Recruitment - Chapter Size (Honorable Mention) 6/1/2010 - 5/31/2011
Excellence in Involvement - Community Service (Honorable Mention) 6/1/2010 - 5/31/2011
Excellence in Involvement - Alumni Relations 6/1/2010 - 5/31/2011
Excellence in Achievement - Academic Success (Honorable Mention) 6/1/2010 - 5/31/2011
Excellence in Achievement - Extracurricular Activities 6/1/2010 - 5/31/2011
GC Membership Recruitment 6/1/1996 - 5/31/1997
Robt H Nelson Excel in Academics 6/1/1995 - 5/31/1996
Cert of Achieve/Membership Recruit 6/1/1994 - 5/31/1995
GC Membership Recruitment 6/1/1993 - 5/31/1994
Robt H Nelson Excel in Academics 6/1/1993 - 5/31/1994
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1986
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1985
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1983
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1983
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1982
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1982
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1981
Outstanding Rush Brochure 6/1/1980
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1980
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1980
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1979
Outstanding Rush Brochure 6/1/1979
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1979
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1978
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1978
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1977
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1977
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1976
Outstanding Rush Brochure 6/1/1976
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1976
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1975
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1975
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1974
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1974
GC Public Relations Award 6/1/1973
Top TKE Chapter 1/1/1973
Top TKE Chapter Runner-Up/Honorable Mention 1/1/1972


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