Statement from Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

The health and safety of our members is of paramount importance. We understand during this time that colleges and universities are making decisions about whether to operate and in what capacity. Each day forces every organization to evaluate how they function and what precautions to take. The TKE experience will endure as it has through world wars, financial crises and the current coronavirus pandemic.

If your campus is under a partial or complete shutdown, all chapters and colonies should continue to comply with all previously posted deadlines. If an individual within the chapter property is diagnosed with COVID-19 or another illness, follow the recommendations made by your campus immediately.

The TKE Professional Staff is available to help you and your chapter be successful. Unsure of who to contact? Visit for your Regional Staff.

We understand the COVID-19 situation is very fluid and is unique to each part of TKE Nation. If you have any questions, we welcome you to reach out to the TKE Professional Staff.

Below we have outlined advice for continuing to operate if your campus is under a partial or complete shutdown.

Upcoming Deadlines to Remember

March 15March 31
  • Chapter Assessment Fee Due (Second Split Payment)
  • Spring Conclave Savings Plan Due
  • Founders Housing Fee Due
May 1
  • Candidate & Initiation fees due
May 10
  • Candidate Penalty Fees Applied (Assessed to outstanding initiation fees)
May 15May 31
  • End of TKE Fiscal Year
  • All Chapters and Colonies should pay their 2019-2020 Chapter Statement in full

Chapter Operations

Chapter Leadership

Video Conferencing

  • Ensure you are meeting the outlined campus guidelines for meeting(s).
    • If your campus has restricted all chapter meetings, use Google Hangouts, FaceTime or other digital meeting platforms to hold chapter meetings or officer meetings. Several video conferencing software are offering much better rates.
    • If your campus still allows your organization to hold chapter meetings, hold an additional officer meeting as soon as possible to set appropriate plans for the chapter and to ensure all of the TKE obligations are met.

  • Report candidates via the TKE Chapter Module.
    • As of March 12, 68 chapters/colonies haven't submitted any spring candidates.
    • Reach out to your TKE Regional Staff if you don't know how to submit your candidates.

  • Review your KRA Scorecard and ensure everything has been reported, such as community service, philanthropy dollars raised and Fraternity/Sorority Life report.

  • TKE financial deadlines still apply. Ensure your group is maintaining collections and meeting the outlined deadlines.

  • Contact your alumni advisors to communicate the changes happening on your campus. Utilize them as a resource to ensure you are being as effective as possible.

  • Utilize group messaging services like GroupMe to stay in contact. Be sure to keep the conversations professional and about Fraternity business and not let it devolve into chatter that could be seen as offensive or inappropriate.
  • If your chapter has elections in Spring:
    • Reference your Bylaws procedures and, unless specified, explore moving your Spring elections until the first meeting of the Fall semester.
    • If you must hold elections in Spring,
      • Set an appropriate policy for voting timelines and ensure it meets required criteria for your state law(s).
      • Have each officer running for an office post a private YouTube video.
      • Allow chapter members to submit questions to the Prytanis for distribution, candidates shall respond within 24 hours of the deadline and Prytanis should distribute all answers.
      • Elections should commence 24 hours after that and utilize technology where applicable to ensure a fair and honest voting process.

Chapter Membership

Candidates/New Members

  • Complete your TKE Self-Validation process to ensure you are appropriately registered with Tau Kappa Epsilon.

  • Pay any outstanding candidate/initiation fees owed to the International Fraternity.

  • Complete eCompliance by logging into TKE's eLearning platform at

Candidate Education / Initiation

Candidate Education

  • TKE will NOT be sending any candidate and initiate materials unless specifically requested. Please contact Shirley Mills with a valid address.

  • The TKE Black Book requires prompt initiation and that initiation must occur within eight weeks of acceptance of the bid. Several chapters have opted to shorten the candidate education period, initiate members quickly and complete the remaining pieces of candidate education later.


  • Ensure you are meeting the outlined campus guidelines for meeting(s).
    • If your campus has restricted all chapter meetings, complete the candidate process, ensure candidates complete their TKE Self-Validation and pay their candidate/initiation fees, but do not hold a Formal Initiation ritual until the restriction has been lifted.
    • If your campus still allows chapter meetings, complete your Candidate Education process and complete your initiation prior to March 31, 2020. Remember, all candidate/initiation fees are required to be paid prior to initiation.
    • If your campus is restricting chapter meetings based on number of people, you can hold a smaller Formal Initiation with limited attendance from chapter members.

Additional Resources

Social / Philanthropic Events

  • Ensure you are meeting the outlined campus guidelines for events.
    • If your campus has restricted all public events, you can still host philanthropic events for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital digitally by utilizing your free St. Jude fundraising page.
    • If your campus still allows public events, know that your philanthropic event may not yield the results you expect. Consider supplementing your efforts through a digital fundraising effort.

  • If you need ideas on how to translate your St. Jude event to a digital-only event, please contact Nate Lehman.

  • Many groups have Red Carnation Balls or Spring Formals planned for the next 4-6 weeks. Many hotels and venues are willing to reschedule your event at no charge if you are proactive and communicating an alternative timeline.
    • Consider limiting your event's invite list so older alumni who may be more susceptible to COVID-19 are not exposed.


Alumni & Volunteers

  • Engage with the chapter leadership/executive board to support what plans they have in place for the remainder of the year.

  • Communicate with your Regional Staff on ways the TKE Professional Staff can assist the chapter be successful.

  • Login to TKE's eLearning system and complete the 2019 Alumni Volunteer Academy training.

  • Educate yourself on the rapidly changing campus policies for the group(s) you work with by visiting the campus website.

  • Work with your groups on creating a 2020-2021 budget and begin discussions on how the COVID-19 situation will affect their plans for the Fall semester.

Resources from Offices of the Grand Chapter

The TKE Professional Staff can host video calls over GoToMeeting or FaceTime with your group's leadership or advisors. Utilize this vital resource to help answer your concerns and set your chapter or colony up to be successful over the coming months.

Additional Resources

Resources from James R. Favor & Co.

INDIANAPOLIS - In consulting with our insurance provider James R. Favor & Company, the Offices of the Grand Chapter recommend our members review the Risk Management bulletin below. This bulletin addresses risk management recommendations and strategies for fraternity and sorority chapter facilities on how to plan and respond to COVID-19. As noted in the bulletin, the information within was taken from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Publication “Interim Guidance For Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), February 2020” and was adapted for application to College-Based Fraternal Organizations.