The Mission of TKE Is More Critical Than Ever

Health and Safety is of utmost importance to the International Headquarters. We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during this pandemic.

During this time, our mission to "aid men in their mental, moral and social development for life" is more critical than ever. Because of this, the Offices of the Grand Chapter has ramped up our extensive support system for our chapters and emerging chapters, volunteers and alumni.

The dollars that you have invested in our Fraternity are still being put to work even though our chapters are not on campus. We see this as an opportunity to highlight many resources our members might not know about and to create new ones, giving a voice to our membership and impacting their needs.

A few examples below:

Our Regional Teams have begun hosting regular video chat hours and reaching out regularly to our chapters. In many cases, these chats last for more than an hour per chapter. View the schedule below.

Our Expansion and Growth team has spent a significant amount of time helping groups develop summer and fall recruitment plans. Interested in scheduling your own session? Contact Nick Kimble and Zach Scott.

Our Director of Alumni Engagement is hosting virtual office hours for Alumni Associations and for Histors to teach them ways to engage the alumni base. We launched a new Alumni Engagement Dashboard on the TKE Chapter Module. Frater Niles has been regularly reaching out to volunteers and alumni associations with best practices on ways to stay engaged and get more Fraters re-engaged. We are very specifically working on items for seniors as well.

Our Education team has been hard at work developing content. We will are hosting a weekly Member Education series for the chapters whose candidates were mid-education as well as provide broad TKE education. We will be releasing a series of content every Thursday on YouTube and our eLearning system.

Our Finance team has moved all financial deadlines to May 15. The Professional Staff has been actively working with groups who are struggling to meet their financial obligations by waiving all finance charges and developing payment plans to help ensure they don't fall behind.

We've already released webinars for Digital New Member Education focused on how to host new member education digitally and one for alumni engagement called Get Connected and Stay Connected. We have shared States of the Regions from each of the 4 Regions (Northeast | South | Midwest | West). We've added a Weekly Address from the TKE CEO highlighting the successes of our chapters, volunteer and alumni. You can view these on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Our Fraternal Services team has a list of videos we are producing with best practices on day-to-day business as well as coronavirus specific content. We will be releasing a new series of these every Wednesday. You can view these on YouTube and our eLearning system.

We continue to produce and release episodes of The TKE Nation Podcast.

We have significantly increased our eLearning system with additional course offerings for our chapters. The mission of TKE is aid men in their mental, moral and social development, our eLearning system is at the forefront of delivering on that mission.

The members of the TKE Professional Staff are here to help you be successful. Please review the FAQ list below and reach out with any questions you have.


My candidate education was stopped short due to coronavirus. What options are there for me?
Tau Kappa Epsilon is providing a Virtual Member Education throughout April. We release new videos each Thursday. You can find them on TKE's YouTube channel or by logging into TKE's eLearning system.
What things do I need to complete enough though my group may not be holding an in-person initiation this semester?
Download the 2020 edition of THE TEKE GUIDE and read it. Using our Virtual Member Education, you can follow along with the chapter-by-chapter review of the book. In addition, ensure you complete your TKE Self-Validation that has emailed to you and complete your eCompliance.
Still have more questions? Please reach out to your Regional Staff. The TKE Professional Staff is here to help you.


How can I ensure our chapter/emerging chapter still exists in the fall?
Be sure to be an active contributor to the Fraternity. Get involved with a committee at your chapter, such as recruitment, to begin your plans for the fall. Stay connected with your fellow Fraters. Set up virtual brotherhood events to ensure members are still connected to each other. Utilize campus resources for mental health and academics. Pay any outstanding fees owed to the chapter/emerging chapter to ensure the chapter has the funds to operate in the fall. Connect with your Regional Staff for advice on how to budget for your group's success during this difficult time
How else can I develop myself as a responsible Frater in the Bond?
Each Wednesday, Tau Kappa Epsilon will be releasing educational videos on our YouTube channel and eLearning system. You could also complete your eCompliance if you haven't yet. Additionally, you can listen to The TKE Nation Podcast to gain tips and lessons from members of our Fraternity.
Still have more questions? Please reach out to your Regional Staff. The TKE Professional Staff is here to help you.


My chapter members are asking for a pro-rated refund of their dues because the semester was cut short. What do I tell them?
If your chapter or Board of Advisors/Housing Corporation would like to provide a partial refund, that is your prerogative. The critical thing to understand is the fees owed to the International Headquarters are still due but we are actively working with groups who need assistance. As a nonprofit, our organization relies on these funds to provide you with resources, support, insurance and legal coverage—benefits that are often taken for granted until they are needed. As Fraters, we are in this together and want all of our brothers to be successful. If you have circumstances that are impacting your ability to fulfill financial commitments, please reach out to Brett Widner.
Our chapter owes money to the International Headquarters still, what are you doing to help us?
We have extended our March 15th due dates back to May 15th. Additionally, we are not charging any finance charges for groups who are late on their payments. Our Finance team is actively working with groups to set up payment plans to help them stay current and not fall behind. If you're interested, please reach out to Brett Widner.
We have candidates who we haven't registered yet because we are concerned they may not return in the fall, what should we do?
Log into the TKE Chapter Module and register those candidates. By having the candidates in the system, we can continue to work with you on ways to ensure they stay engaged in the process. We are hosting weekly Member Education on YouTube and our eLearning system to keep new and current members both engaged throughout this process. We will work with you regarding any late fees and penalty fees.
Our exec board is fighting significant apathy in our chapter in light of coronavirus. How do you suggest we address this?
Apathy is a reality for many and can be overcome. We must first check in with our brothers to understand their circumstances in order to know what obstacles and challenges they are facing personally. It's important to acknowledge, for everyone, this pandemic means loss in many different ways. We have released multiple videos on our YouTube and eLearning system that helps to address ways to ensure this semester is not a wash as well as ways to have virtual brotherhood events. In addition, the Regional Staff is available to address your specific situation and concerns. They can advise you on best practices and strategies.
We still want to fundraise for St. Jude during this time. How can you help us translate our in-person event to a digital-only event?
You can still host philanthropic events for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital digitally by utilizing your free St. Jude fundraising page. Many groups are hosting a virtual St. Jude No More Cancer Rally. If you need ideas on how to translate your St. Jude event to a digital-only event, please contact Nate Lehman.
Still have more questions? Please reach out to your Regional Staff. The TKE Professional Staff is here to help you.


As a volunteer for my local chapter, how can I best be supportive of them?
Engage with the chapter leadership/executive board to support what plans they have in place for the remainder of the year. Communicate with your Regional Staff on ways the TKE Professional Staff can assist the chapter to be successful. Educate yourself on the rapidly changing campus policies for the group(s) you work with by visiting the campus website. Work with your groups on creating a 2020-2021 budget and begin discussions on how the coronavirus situation will affect their plans for the Fall semester.
I have extra time to help the Fraternity during this challenging time, what are some ways I can lend a hand?
Login to TKE's eLearning system and complete the 2019 Alumni Volunteer Academy training. In addition, review our YouTube channel as we are rapidly producing more content for collegiates and volunteers alike. Once you are up to speed, follow the steps at
Who can I speak with to address the specific questions I have?
Reach out to your Regional Staff to address specific questions you may have.


How can I make a donation to support our Fraternity and its chapters and members impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?
Recognizing the unprecedented challenges our members and their loved ones face today, the Foundation is committed to supporting members through the newly-created Opportunity Fund. While we are confident the TKE experience will endure as it has through world wars, financial crises and the current COVID-19 pandemic, we must plan for the unexpected and ensure our Fraternity, our chapters and our members have the support they need to succeed.

All contributions to the Opportunity Fund will be earmarked for resources that support our chapters and our members during this time of uncertainty. The health, safety and security of our members is of paramount importance. Your contributions ensure the long-term financial health of our Fraternity and support TKE when our members need it most.
My chapter has a TKE Foundation scholarship available to award. Is the Foundation continuing to grant scholarships and send award packets?
To best support the financial needs of our members, the TKE Foundation will continue to provide scholarships through the end of our fiscal year. The deadline to submit scholarship chapter authorization forms is May 15. These forms must be completed and submitted to in order to award chapter scholarships.

Grand Chapter award recipients will be notified by May 15.

Please provide at least two weeks to process and mail award materials. Specific questions regarding your chapter’s scholarship balance and available awards should be directed to our Foundation Staff.
Who can I contact with specific questions regarding upcoming pledge payments or recurring donations?
The Foundation Staff is available to address your specific questions. Please email, and we will be happy to provide assistance on a case-by-case basis.


I am an alumni member who hasn't been involved for a few years. I'm concerned about how our collegiate members are handling this pandemic. How can I help?
Review our Get Involved page for tips and best practices on ways to increase alumni engagement with the Fraternity.
Are there ways I can make financial contributions to the Fraternity to help our students?
Your support is more crucial now than ever as TKE builds leaders and provides life skills for our members to impact their campuses and communities. For those of you who are experiencing financial hardships of your own, we know that this is not the time to give. But for those of you who are able to help, any level of support makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. The more Fraters who support Tau Kappa Epsilon through the Life Loyal Teke program, the greater ability for TKE to maintain current costs to collegiate members while providing further support. Join the movement to grow a culture of philanthropy and bolster the offerings we provide to our collegiate and alumni members!
Still have more questions? Please reach out to the main Offices of the Grand Chapter email. The TKE Professional Staff is here to help you.

Instagram Live Talks

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  • CEO Forum - April 9th at 8:00 pm
  • All Officers Forum - April 10th at 1:00 pm
  • Volunteer Forum (Facebook Live) - April 11th at 7:00 pm
  • Candidate Forum - April 13th at 2:30 pm
  • Region 1 Q&A Huddle - April 13th at 5:30 pm
  • Region 2 Q&A Huddle - April 14th at 1:00 pm
  • Region 3 Q&A Huddle - April 15th at 1:00 pm
  • Region 4 Q&A Huddle - April 16th at 3:00 pm pacific
  • Recruitment Forum - April 17 at 1:00 pm

Weekly Videos

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  • Topics releasing April 8 - Virtual Fraternity for Life Training, How to Make This Semester Not a Wash, Virtual Brotherhood Plans and Tips from Classes from Home

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Weekly Virtual Office Hours

Join members of the TKE Professional Staff during virtual office hours via Zoom to ask your questions directly. Contact your Regional Team for call-in information.

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Alumni Engagement

Alumni Association Officers - Wednesdays at 11 am and 9 pm
Histors - Tuesdays at 7 pm and Wednesdays at 3 pm