Founders' Day 2021

Join us in celebrating the founding of TKE as we count down to our 122nd anniversary! Looking for ways to celebrate? You've come to the right place. Below are suggestions and resources to keep you connected and in the Founders' Day spirit all week long!

The TKE Nation Podcast: Bonus Founders' Day 2021 Episode

To celebrate our Fraternity's founding, The TKE Nation Podcast is happy to release this reenactment of that speech. It will also be available on YouTube for you to watch the full video, as it appeared for the first time during our Centennial Celebration in 1999.

For more Founders' Day info and events, visit

To read the full Opportunity Out of Defeat speech, visit

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My Family Monday

My Family Monday

January 4, 2021

Help Tau Kappa Epsilon build a family tree for every chapter in TKE. Log into to tell us who your big and little brothers are and encourage others in your pledge class to do the same.
TKE Thoughts Tuesday

TKE Thoughts Tuesday

January 5, 2021

In honor of our 122nd anniversary, share your answers and thoughts on social media. "What does Tau Kappa Epsilon mean to you?" or "Why did you join TKE?" Use #IAMTKE hashtag, tag @TKE_Fraternity, and tag other Fraters so they can share their thoughts too.

Halfway Happy Hours

Halfway Happy Hour

January 6, 2021

TKE Alumni Associations across the globe are hosting virtual Halfway Happy Hours. View a list of these online events at and share with your friends. Don't have one to join? Join the TKE Nation Happy Hour at 8 pm Eastern! Want your event listed? Email Chris Niles.

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TKE Throwback Thursday

TKE Throwback Thursday

January 7, 2021

Share your favorite TKE photo on this Throwback Thursday. How many guys from your chapter can you get sharing photos today? Make sure to tag @TKE_Fraternity and use the #IAMTKE hashtag. Be sure to include your chapter or university name so we can add these photos to your group's digital archives.

Follow Friday

Follow Friday

January 8, 2021

With Founders' Day only 2 days away, be sure to follow TKE on all of our social platforms and encourage more Fraters to do the same. You can find all of the links at!

Yours in the Bond

Yours in the Bond

January 9, 2021

The Venerable Grand Prytanis will deliver his Founders' Day address on the eve of Founders' Day. Watch it live on Facebook and YouTube!

Celebrate The Fraternity For Life on Founders' Day

Celebrate The Fraternity For Life on Founders' Day

January 10, 2021

Whether it's been 5 days or 50 years since you've been in the triangle, join in on virtual Fraternity for Life rituals happening throughout Founders' Day. Invite your big/little and others from the chapter to join you. To learn more, visit

Need Some New TKE Gear?

Exclusive Founders' Day 2021 t-shirt is now available from the official While you are there, be sure to check out the latest Nike polos, North Face quarter zips, Champion hoodies and more!


Founders' Day Happy Hours

Take a look at our list of Founders' Day events across the globe.

Events are sorted by event date, then by chapter or city name, alphabetically. Use Ctrl-F or Cmd-F to search on campus name, school name, city, or state to help you find your event. On an iPhone, press the arrow icon and use the Find on Page feature.

Is there not an event in your area or from your chapter? Join the TKE Nation Founders' Day Happy Hour event! Want your event listed? Email Chris Niles.


No upcoming Founders' Day events listed.