Frater Sets Out on Marathon Travel Excursion

Frater Sets Out on Marathon Travel Excursion

Frater Clark Dever, photo by Luke Copping.BUFFALO, NY - Frater Clark Dever (Epsilon-Chi, Univ. at Buffalo) and Joe DiNardo have decided to take full advantage of JetBlue's "All You Can Jet" promotion, allowing unlimited flights from September 8th through October 8th. They plan on flying continuously, from city to city, keeping their time on the ground as close to 12 hours as possible.

Both Dever and DiNardo have decided to leave their day-jobs as a computer programmer and marketing executive in order to pursue this unique opportunity. What’s the difference with their trip and that of everyday travelers and road-trippers? The pair plans to document their entire journey using a blog and social media. Mr. Dever, also a professional photographer, will be capturing and publishing photos of the trip as it progresses. They also plan to conduct interviews with passengers and citizens, creating a broad glimpse of America as they travel. These interviews and montages of the country will be uploaded to the blog on a daily basis, giving fans the opportunity to follow Joe and Clark's adventures as they happen. While on the ground Joe and Clark will visit as many local attractions as possible to capture the culture of the individual cities; from local architecture and landmarks, to music, and nightlife.
Social media will play a big role in this journey as the two plan on using the popular websites Twitter and Facebook to interact with their followers throughout the trip.
"I was talking with Joe about a trip I was planning at the time and he asked if I heard about the JetBlue Promotion? After he quickly explained it, we decided that we had to rise to the challenge, to see and document as much of the US as possible, in a single month," said Dever.
"Clark and I have always had the kind of friendship where we peer-pressure each other to do outlandish things, we've always competed to have the best stories at the end of the night. I see this as just a natural progression from our usual antics. I really don't know what will happen, but we both agree that whatever it is, it will be entertaining - definitely worth watching," mused DiNardo.
"I think the greatest part about this adventure is that everyone can be a part of it. We have a wiki, where viewers in each city can tell us where to go and eat, what's the must-see attraction, what events are happening while we're in town, etc. Never has a trip of this magnitude been planned with the help of so many people, we look forward to interacting with our viewers through the blog and twitter. I think it will spur very interesting conversation."
Flight itineraries are being planned now and updates can be found at the official website for the project ( Sponsorship opportunities are available.
Joe and Clark are two regular guys with an appetite for adventure, who quest for the unusual and the unexpected.

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