Staff of TKE - Daniel Klopfenstein

Staff of TKE - Daniel Klopfenstein

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist

INDIANAPOLIS - In the summer of 2010, a photographer named Brandon began taking photos of thousands of New Yorkers. His goal was to put a face to the image that people had of the different New York boroughs and its inhabitants. As if overnight, Humans of New York became a worldwide sensation.

We looked at the Humans of New York project and realized we faced a similar challenge. Many individuals outside of the Fraternity's immediate points of contact do not truly know who is answering the phone, posting on social media or handling various tasks at the organizational level. For that reason, we are excited to launch a new edition of "Staff of TKE." Every two weeks we will highlight a new individual on TKE's Professional Staff. Each post will include two photos and a candid conversation. Enjoy! 

Name: Daniel Klopfenstein

Position: Communications Specialist

Chapter: Washington State (Alpha-Gamma)

Twitter: @Dannyklop


Contact Danny for questions regarding news stories, social media, content on and THE TEKE magazine.

If you're the spotlight, then who is writing this feature?
For all the readers out there, Alex Baker, chief information officer, has graciously offered to write this piece. Typically, I deal with the interviews and write the stories, but my time has come to be featured on our Staff of TKE series. It's nice being on this side of the table.

Speaking of changing up your typical routine, you've been traveling quite a bit lately.
That's right. September alone has been a busy month for me. I had the opportunity visit our back-to-back-to-back TNT Champions, Beta-Eta at Missouri S&T in Rolla, Missouri, over Labor Day weekend. Then this past weekend I visited Xi Chapter at Washington University in St. Louis for their 95th anniversary. I'm typically tied to my computer in Indianapolis at the Offices of the Grand Chapter so it's always nice to get out and interact with our members. I read so many stories of chapter and individual accomplishments, but actually seeing the work of our members is extremely rewarding.

So you're the social media guy?
Yes, I'm the social media guy, which means I have to put in my obligatory plug for our readers to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterLinkedIn and Google+. But social media is only a small portion of what I do. I view it as an instrument to increase the reach of more important stories such as Xi-Omega's $100,000, five-year pledge to St. Jude or Beta-Mu's $80,000 raised in their annual Reagan Run. I'm particularly proud of how we've improved the quality of our communication, which includes the release of our Official TKE App for iPhone and Android.

What are you looking forward to this fall?
We are currently in the process of sending the fall edition of THE TEKE to press. This issue is 48 pages and includes a recap of Conclave 2015 in New Orleans, a spotlight on four of our Top TKE Chapters, and a sitdown with Frater Ray Franklin, one of the masterminds behind the on-stage production of Conclave and recipient of the Order of the Golden Eagle. But now that that's done, it's time to start the winter issue. That means it's time for people to send me their nominations for volunteer of the month to

How was Conclave?
Conclave was an unbelievable experience. I never had the opportunity to attend as an undergraduate and I had never been to New Orleans. The culmination of those two aspects made the entire event a whirlwind. I was on my phone for the majority of the event constantly updating our social media accounts with photos, quotes and general observations. My favorite part was how the spirit of the Fraternity was on full display. Collegiate and alumni members and friends and family sharing their favorite memories in one location, New Orleans, nonetheless, was a remarkable event to witness.

What's the last word? 
I want people to know that we are always on the lookout for stories to share on our social media accounts, and THE TEKE magazine. I scour the Internet every morning for stories that I can share, because those stories help us promote the work our members are doing on campus and in the community. If a story I share positively changes the outlook other people have on our organization, I've done my job. 

The next edition of "Staff of TKE" will appear Friday, October 9. 

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist

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