Iota-Omicron Tekes Raise $20,000 for Pediatric Cancer Research

Iota-Omicron Tekes Raise $20,000 for Pediatric Cancer Research

Junior Sigma Sigma Sigma Kayla Tevepaugh holds the thank-you card her 4-year-old cousin Maci Minton made for St. Baldrick’s organizer Madison Smith. Photo by Amber Levenhagen.

Cheers and screams of support filled the Hamilton Room as people watched the groups on stage shave or chop their hair for the second annual [University of Wisconsin-Whitewater] St. Baldrick’s Day fundraiser for pediatric cancer research, which was held March 12 in the University Center Hamilton Room.

Local chapters from Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity co-sponsored the event.

Raising about $8,000 last year, the goal was hiked up to $25,000.

St. Baldrick's donations go to fighting childhood cancer. The organization is known for its low operating costs, so that it can donate the most possible to fight the disease. 

“We have a lot more groups and we have a lot more fraternities that are taking part,” said Tau Kappa Epsilon treasurer Nicholas Allegretti of this year's event compared to a year ago.

Cash or credit donations, as well as purple points, were being accepted throughout the event. There were also tables of St. Baldrick’s apparel for supporters to purchase.

Senior Karli White was one of the first girls to cut eight inches of her hair for the event. Her Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority sisters sat in front of the stage, cheering her on and recording her expression as she held onto a chopped-off ponytail.

“I hope this becomes something that is a pride for UW-Whitewater,” said Sigma Sigma Sigma president Elizabeth Wachholder.

Sigma Sigma Sigma and Tau Kappa Epsilon fell just short of their goal at the end of the event, raising $21,668.39.

This story is adapted from the Royal Purple News.
Written by: Emily Lepkowski


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