How The Offices of the Grand Chapter is Addressing Coronavirus

Your health and safety is of utmost importance to the International Headquarters. We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during this pandemic.

We have ramped up an extensive support system for our chapters and colonies, volunteers and alumni. You can find all of this information below.

What Ideas/Resources Can I Use To Learn Ways to Help?

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is actively working on building our list of ideas on ways to help and resources to help you through the coronavirus pandemic as well as prepare for both summer and fall. Below are the places you can find this content.

TEF Announces 2015-16 Scholarship Award Winners

TEF Announces 2015-16 Scholarship Award Winners

The TKE Educational Foundation congratulates the recipients of the 2015-16 Named Scholarships and is proud to continue our longstanding tradition of recognizing and rewarding academic excellence. Please join us in honoring these dedicated Fraters and consider a gift to help us continue to expand our scholarship program, enabling the Foundation to make a difference in the lives of many more Tekes.

All-Teke Academic TeamJoseph W. BorzaIota-BetaSusquehanna University
All-Teke Academic TeamDonovan J StoneIota-ThetaCentenary College of Louisiana
All-Teke Academic TeamKoen J. BouwmansTau-OmegaCarleton University
All-Teke Academic TeamAli W. ShariatiUpsilon-ThetaUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
All-Teke Academic TeamBrandon ClarkZeta-MuWorcester Polytechnic Institute
All-Teke Academic TeamBrandon J. LandowskiEpsilonIowa State University
All-Teke Academic TeamBrian J. KiddAlpha-ZetaPurdue University
All-Teke Academic TeamBruce C. Pittman, Jr.Lambda-PsiEast Carolina University
All-Teke Academic TeamLasindu DatunarachchiMu-NuUniversity of Wisconsin-Platteville
All-Teke Academic TeamPatrick P. MoodyXi-OmegaVirginia Polytechnic Institute
Bruce B. Melchert ScholarshipAndrew E. WitteBeta-ThetaUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
Canadian TKE ScholarshipKoen J. BouwmansTau-OmegaCarleton University
Carrol C. Hall Memorial ScholarshipSamuel J. DayRho-ThetaLake Superior State University
Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. ScholarshipShane R. McClureUpsilon-DeltaSaginaw Valley State University
Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership ScholarshipDillon J. WarrIota-BetaSusquehanna University
Christopher A. Grasso Leadership ScholarshipJ. Gary BrotzAlpha-TauDrexel University
Donald A. & John R. Fisher Memorial ScholarshipBrandon J. LandowskiEpsilonIowa State University
Doris & Elmer H. Schmitz, Sr. Memorial ScholarshipJeff R. CheelyMu-NuUniversity of Wisconsin-Platteville
Dwayne R. Woerpel Memorial ScholarshipBruce C. Pittman, Jr.Lambda-PsiEast Carolina University
Eric D. Dunning ScholarshipDaniel J. KeadyLambda-SigmaKeene State College
Eugene C. Beach Memorial ScholarshipDakota B. RenzAlpha-GammaWashington State University
Father Timothy Vakoc Memorial ScholarshipJoseph H. McGrathTheta-RhoSt. Cloud State University
Francis J. Flynn Memorial ScholarshipBrian J. KiddAlpha-ZetaPurdue University
Gabe Anaya ScholarshipJacob C. MinellaAlpha-OmicronNew Mexico State University
George W. Woolery Memorial ScholarshipJoseph ShadeckUpsilon-XiOakland University
Harry J. Donnelly Memorial ScholarshipJoseph W. BorzaIota-BetaSusquehanna University
J. Russel Salsbury Memorial ScholarshipJaydn M. HardingLambda-ChiWayne State College
J.D. Williams ScholarshipMatthew CarsonSigma-PsiClemson University
John A. Courson Top Scholar ScholarshipJoshua W. SosebeeXi-ThetaUniversity of West Georgia
John B. Phillips ScholarshipWayland FongNuUniversity of California, Berkeley
John C. Fitzgerald, Jr. ScholarshipZachary T. BuchheitDelta-ZetaSoutheast Missouri State University
Kenneth L. Duke, Sr. Memorial ScholarshipJorge A. Echavarria NietoEpsilon-BetaUniversity of Tampa
Lenwood S. Cochran ScholarshipMiguel A. NegreteGamma-MuFurman University
Lon G. Justice ScholarshipDonovan J StoneIota-ThetaCentenary College of Louisiana
Michael Cerussi Leadership ScholarshipSung Il JungNuUniversity of California, Berkeley
Michael J Morin Memorial ScholarshipChristopher P. CatizoneXi-OmegaVirginia Polytechnic Institute
Miles Gray Memorial ScholarshipSean RowlandPi-EpsilonChristian Brothers University
Raymond W. Franklin ScholarshipGregory T. HalloranSigma-GammaSUNY-Plattsburgh
Robert D. Planck ScholarshipChristian R. RodgersEpsilon-OmicronUniversity of Houston
Robert O. Kincart ScholarshipKevin ConnellZeta-LambdaBowling Green State University
Ronald Reagan Leadership ScholarshipJoshua M. NixonBeta-EtaMissouri University of Science & Technology
Southern Order of Honor ScholarshipAnthony A. TemeliescuGamma-ThetaUniversity of Florida
Steven J. Muir ScholarshipBrandon ClarkZeta-MuWorcester Polytechnic Institute
T.J. Schmitz ScholarshipLasindu DatunarachchiMu-NuUniversity of Wisconsin-Platteville
Thomas H. Dunning, Sr. ScholarshipJeff PavlacicBeta-OmegaMissouri State University
Timothy L. Taschwer ScholarshipEdward WilkinsonLambdaUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
TKE International SweetheartBridget BoydAlpha-TauDrexel University
TKE Servant Leadership ScholarshipPatrick P. MoodyXi-OmegaVirginia Polytechnic Institute
W. Allan Herzog ScholarshipDavid LesterNuUniversity of California, Berkeley
Wallace G. McCauley Memorial ScholarshipCal JimenezUpsilon-UpsilonState College at Farmingdale
William V. Muse ScholarshipStefan M. LopezEpsilon-UpsilonNorthwestern State University
William Wilson Memorial ScholarshipNicholas A. KimbleEpsilon-KappaLoyola University Chicago


Applications for the 2016-17 Named Scholarships will be available this fall.

For more information, please contact:

Emily Garrott

317-872-6533 ext. 246

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.