TKE Week supports St. Jude Children’s Hospital

TKE Week supports St. Jude Children’s Hospital

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Greek Life on campus strives to support philanthropy. Each chapter has their own foundations they plan to support through philanthropic events. The Sigma Lambda chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon is a few days away from TKE Week, one of their yearly events.

TKE Week is a week-long philanthropy event the chapter puts on. The event mainly consists of TKE members building a box and camping out at it every night of the week. At the box, the members usually have small ways to raise money, such as selling snacks to passers-by or having a coin drive. All money raised through the event is donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, TKE’s main philanthropy foundation.

“We host TKE Week, as it not only is a great cause, but also promotes TKE on the NSU Tahlequah campus,” said Brinley Hutson, TKE philanthropy chair. “So far, planning each event in the background has been an exciting process. TKE Week is beneficial to NSU because it shows students who are looking for a campus that develops their skills that we promote this type of behavior. We have the available resources and the population to make dramatic changes from right here in Tahlequah. We will move forward by making appropriate reservations, advertising the events and marketing to the student body and the community of Tahlequah to get more funds donated for this charitable cause.”

TKE in a Box is the main event during TKE Week. The event requires a few available members to be present at the box at every moment throughout the week. They camp at the box through the night too. Members often bring entertainment, snacks, drinks and blankets to make it through the long, unpredictable nights.

“We camp out in front of the UC and show our dedication to helping raise money for those who may not be able to get medical treatment if it were not for St. Jude,” said Ryan LaRue, TKE president. “I think TKE Week is beneficial because it shows commitment and brings together our brothers for a week-long philanthropy that gets the campus and community involved. Students may not be aware that we are camped outside all week in the cold. My personal favorite part is the end when we get to give all the proceeds to St. Jude and see the smile we put on people’s faces by helping them out. That is what it’s all about.”

Although many students think members are miserable at the box, the chapter utilizes the time to reinforce brotherhood and have a good time. The brotherhood found in Greek life is what members of TKE pursue and advertise. Members hope their efforts show unity can make the best out of many situations.

“I believe it inspires others that may not be associated with TKE to go out and help others who cannot do as much for themselves,” said Travis Baker, TKE historian. “There are months of preparation that go into TKE Week. I would like students to know that together we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making this successful every year. The most challenging thing in preparing for TKE Week is allocating everyone to work at different times, because everyone is usually in a frenzy to help. We host TKE Week to raise as much money as we can for St. Jude, but also to have fun with brothers while supporting a good cause.”

TKE Week is Nov. 6 – 10 in front of the UC. There will be multiple ways to help each day, as well as different events throughout the week. Students are encouraged to visit the box and relax with members that are there.

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