How The Offices of the Grand Chapter is Addressing Coronavirus

Your health and safety is of utmost importance to the International Headquarters. We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during this pandemic.

We have ramped up an extensive support system for our chapters and colonies, volunteers and alumni. You can find all of this information below.

What Ideas/Resources Can I Use To Learn Ways to Help?

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is actively working on building our list of ideas on ways to help and resources to help you through the coronavirus pandemic as well as prepare for both summer and fall. Below are the places you can find this content.

Garrett Thomas

Garrett Thomas

Tau Kappa Epsilon
7439 Woodland Drive Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46278
317-872-6533 EXT. 252

Director of Communications

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


As the Director of Communications, I am responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the communications programs across TKE's internal/external audiences. I focus on all communication channels - overseeing the website, social media, digital/print publications, email, brand management, marketing and design. I serve as the primary staff writer and contributing editor for our quarterly publication, THE TEKE Magazine, working with internal and external teams to deliver an award winning publication to our membership. Additionally, I contribute as a designer - logo, digital and editorial design as well as photography and videography. My role examines public and member perceptions to develop marketing and communication strategies which understand the importance of sharing our story.

About Me

I am a graduate of IUPUI’s Herron School of Art and Design with a BFA in Visual Communication Design. During my time at IUPUI, I was fortunate to be an initiate of the Upsilon-Iota Chapter. While active with this chapter, I served as Histor and Grammateus. Both roles have served me well in my professional roles as a designer, project manager, Communications Specialist and now Director of Communications.

What I Like To Do in My Free Time

I enjoy spending time with my wife, who thankfully shares many of my interests. I am an outdoor enthusiast and you will often find me hiking, biking, camping, or some similar version of exploration. I also enjoy motorcycles and water-sports, spending as much of my time as I can on two wheels or the water. The rest of my time is spent traveling, reading, and cooking with my wife.

Why You Should Contact Garrett Thomas

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