Learning More About RLC

Learning More About RLC

The Regional Leadership Conferences offer many opportunities to interact with fellow Fraters, practice ritual, and meet TKE staff and notable alumni members. Through our educational workshops, RLC is focused on your improvement as a Teke - and as an individual. These sessions have been designed to allow you to learn new concepts and skills by building on the knowledge you already have. Whether you’ve been to six RLCs or this is your first go-around, we promise you’ll find something new to take home and apply to your chapter, campus, and community.

Here is a brief look at some of the sessions being offered at the RLCs:

St. Jude Roundtable
Hear from TKE’s best St. Jude fundraising chapters about the efforts and strategies they’ve employed as they continue to raise tens of thousands of dollars for our international philanthropy. TKE Nation is well on its way to hitting it’s six-year goal of raising $2.6 million, but we need dedicated Fraters who understand the ins and outs of a successful philanthropy to help us complete the commitment.

It’s All About the Brotherhood
"How do we improve our Brotherhood?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions at the RLCs. We’ve taken your feedback and created a workshop that will teach you how to keep your members happy and engaged without sacrificing one of the most cherished aspects of being in a Fraternity.

Unrealistic Recruitment 2.0
Recruitment isn’t just about meeting freshmen in the cafeteria and inviting them over to eat a bunch of wings during Monday Night Football. It’s about taking a targeted, strategic approach and implementing the sales and closing techniques that Frater Roskopf teaches in his recruitment workshops. Whether you’ve attended the 1.0 version of ‘Unrealistic Recruitment’ in the past or this is your first opportunity to attend a session, you’ll walk away ready to hand out more bids, get those bids signed, and hit all of your membership goals before the school year ends.

Chapter Finance Training
For any group who has trouble collecting dues, doesn’t ever seem to have enough money, or hasn’t had a real budget in years, you’re not alone. This workshop will allow you to stop stressing about money and improve your ability to have those tough discussions about finances. Your financial security is vital to you as an individual - and as a chapter.

Alumni Roundtable
Our alumni want to sit down with other volunteers and share their thoughts about the Fraternity, and we want you to participate in that opportunity. While this workshop will focus on the current landscape of TKE and the future of the Fraternity, it is really about YOU, our volunteers, and what we can do to improve your experience as you give back to Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Preparing for your Career
Whether you are looking for your first internship or looking to change jobs for the fourth time in three years, we want to help you get better at planning, preparing and executing your job search. We will cover dressing for success, fine-tuning your resume, and mastering your nerves as you sit down for the interview. Some of our most successful alumni have contributed to this workshop, ensuring it is practical and reflects the actual challenges you will face as you prepare for your career.

Mock Interviews
Put the knowledge gained in our career session into action through our mock interview workshop. Sit face-to-face with one of our qualified alumni (including Chris Hanson, Ted Bereswill, Rob Guarini, and Donnie Aldrich, among many other staff and VIPs) where they will ask you real job interview questions. The type of questions delivered to applicants at Fortune 500 companies and small non-profits alike. Take their real-time feedback to improve your skills, and you’re on your way to landing that first big gig.

Top TKE Chapters Teach You
If you’ve been working your tail off to hang one of those gold triangle plaques on your wall, and keep coming up just short, join us here as we talk to some of our most successful undergraduate groups. In this session, we discuss the steps they’ve taken to become Top TKE Chapters.

Building Wealth
It is never too early to start thinking about your personal empire and how you make, save and invest your hard earned dollars. Based on the input of some of our wealthiest alumni, we want to teach you how to not only collect a paycheck, but what to do once you’re ready to buy a car, purchase your first home, and yes, even retire.

To register or learn more about RLC, please go to TKE.org/RLC.

For more information, please contact:

Alex Swenson
Leadership Academy Selection Committee
317-872-6533 ext. 225


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