Active Minds, TKE partner in President’s Courtyard to raise awareness

Active Minds, TKE partner in President’s Courtyard to raise awareness

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MICHIGAN - On Wednesday, March 28 from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. the RSO’s Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) and Active Minds came together in the President’s Courtyard to spread awareness and raise money for bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder was the focus of the event in order to bring attention to it during bipolar awareness week, which occurs across the country every year. Not only was the purpose of the event to increase awareness on bipolar disorder, money was also raised for bipolar disorder research and 100 percent of the funds raised were donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

At the event, there were numerous attractions in order to gain as much attention as possible those walking by as possible. There were simulations of bipolar disorder, the popular ‘Teker-Totter,” music, trivia and an educational table. Those who stopped by were able to contribute to the cause by making a donation of any amount.

“I feel as if we did a great job educating those who stopped by the event,” said Nicole Osantowski, the Secretary for Active Minds, and a dual Psychology and Sociology major. “It was cool seeing students actively answering our questions and wanting to learn more about bipolar disorder.”

TKE and Active Minds collaborated with one another to make the event possible. Active Mind’s goal is to spread awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health. They hoped to address this at the event by handing out numerous pamphlets that included information on the disorder and where to get help if needed. Not only did the group help to spread awareness, but they also had counselors available to talk to for anyone in need.

“There are so many misconceptions about bipolar disorder and I think we have helped to spread awareness on what bipolar disorder really is,” said Olivia Lipskey, a member of Active Minds and a first-year criminal justice major. “We can touch so many lives even by helping others further understand the symptoms and the disorder itself.”

The collaboration between the two groups started with TKE wanting to gain a better understanding of bipolar disorder. Members of the fraternity felt compelled to spread awareness and lead those who needed help into the proper direction, which is what led them to partner with Active Minds.

“I think this event accomplished a lot in the short period of time that it was put on,” said TKE President Landen Skop. “It educated individuals about bipolar disorder to become more comfortable within the SVSU community.”

The two groups worked together for an extended period of time to organize the event, and hope to continue doing it in the future.

“My favorite part about the event was hanging out with Active Minds,” said Skop. “They are a great group of people who care so much about students and their needs.”

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