The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E17 | Ft. Dr. Richard Halgin

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E17 | Ft. Dr. Richard Halgin

Dr. Richard Halgin (Epsilon-Delta, Massachusetts) has been guiding the men of the Epsilon-Delta Chapter since 2016 and is joining us for the first time on the TKE Nation Podcast as we talk Mental Health Awareness Month. At the University of Massachusetts, he is a professor emeritus of psychology, works with athletes/teams, and has recently become the Epsilon-Delta Chapter Advisor.

Interested in learning more about the presentations that Dr. Halgin shares with the Epsilon-Delta chapter? He shared it with TKE Nation in the winter 2018 issue of THE TEKE Magazine.

  • 2:30 Recapping Frater Andrew Hughes
  • 4:00 Donnie Dabbles In Reddit
  • 9:30 Mental Health Awareness Month
  • 14:00 Alex Makes Some Bold NFL Claims
  • 18:00 There Will Be Fantasy Football Talk - Be Ready
  • 19:00 Rule Of Three (Three most impressive physical accomplishments in honor of Frater Hughes accomplishments)
  • 22:00 Marathon Updates
  • 23:00 TKE Corner (The fiscal year is only three weeks away!)
  • 24:00 Where In The World Is Zach Scott (Not on Mount Everest.)
  • 29:01 Elevate Your Game
  • 30:50 How To Stay Organized
  • 33:30 Dr. Richard Halgin
  • 36:00 Taking Care Of Yourself
  • 40:00 Why Choose This Career?
  • 41:40 How Has Honorary Membership Impacted
  • 42:00 Allowing Vulnerability
  • 44:10 How to Help Each Other
  • 48:50 Swagger, Confidence or Arrogance
  • 50:00 Isolation And Support Systems
  • 57:00 Mental Health For The Mental Health Professional
  • 1:03:00 Make Your Bed
  • 1:06:00 A Flashlight To The Brain
  • 1:08:01 Closing Thoughts
  • 1:05:05 Just Kidding - DogeCoin Check In

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