How The Offices of the Grand Chapter is Addressing Coronavirus

Your health and safety is of utmost importance to the International Headquarters. We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during this pandemic.

We have ramped up an extensive support system for our chapters and colonies, volunteers and alumni. You can find all of this information below.

What Ideas/Resources Can I Use To Learn Ways to Help?

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is actively working on building our list of ideas on ways to help and resources to help you through the coronavirus pandemic as well as prepare for both summer and fall. Below are the places you can find this content.

Lonestar Province Forum Spring 2019

Lonestar Province Forum Spring 2019

This past weekend, Tekes from across Texas came together for the Lonestar Province Forum. This event marked the first Province Forum located in Texas in recent memory and included alumni from across the state. Frater George Torres, the Grand Province Advisor for the area, hopes this forum will serve to unite a province that spans across such a large geographic area.

Frater Torres brought together representatives from the majority of the chapters in the state, as well as one from Missouri in Zeta-Pi at Culver-Stockton College. The Lonestar Forum’s goal is to increase volunteer interactions with chapters isolated because of their geographical location and may find it challenging to meet Fraters from outside their local area.

Epsilon-Omicron (Houston) chapter hosted the event and was instrumental in driving the preparation. The Greater Dallas Area and Greater Houston Area Alumni Associations provided their support for the Forum as well.

The forum provided training, education, guest speakers and opportunities for networking among the groups. In the Chapter Module session, they covered the basics by highlighting the tools available to members through the module.

Also in attendance, Associate Regional Director Ethan Wells shared, “a majority of the collegiates there did not have much prior experience with it, and were shocked to see all the capabilities our system has.”

Frater Casey Fleming, BOA Chairman for Pi-Eta at Texas A&M, spoke on the success his chapter achieved by implementing an entirely new Candidate Program. He shared this program, and recruitment basics, with the other chapters in attendance. Discussing qualities of membership, priorities of actives and new members, uniformity and how a universal theme goes a long way and the value a chapter offers sells more than anything else.

Alumni Frater Ansel Young presented on increasing alumni engagement, leading the discussion on strategies a chapter can utilize to invigorate their alumni communications. Also sharing that the Fraternity is for life and encouraging the collegiates to stay active by discussing the benefits of being an active Teke after graduation.

Lonestar Challenge Coin

Lastly, the Province Team presented those in attendance with Lonestar Province Challenge Coins as a sign of uniformity. Frater Torres expressed that this forum highlights that “we are stronger together, than we are working individually at our campuses.” He urged the attendees to continue to interact with each other throughout the year. Advising that connection with the rest of TKE Nation is crucial to the “future success of their chapters and future engagement in the Fraternity as volunteers.”

To learn more about the Lonestar Province Forum, contact Associate Regional Director Ethan Wells at

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