2018-2019 Named Scholarship Recipients

2018-2019 Named Scholarship Recipients

The TKE Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 named scholarship recipients and is proud to continue our longstanding tradition of recognizing and rewarding academic excellence.

As active members of their chapters, universities and communities these Tekes have excelled in their pursuit of academic success and a commitment to the values of Love, Charity and Esteem.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding Tekes and consider a gift to help us continue to expand our scholarship program.

Click here to view our 2018-2019 top five scholarship recipients & All-Teke Academic Team

Bill Bruns Commitment to Service ScholarshipJustin MuiGamma ColonyUniversity of Illinois
Bruce B Melchert ScholarshipBill E. Pastor IIIMu-ChiUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington
Canadian TKE ScholarshipMr. Ryley R. GemmillUpsilon-EtaUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology
Carroll C. Hall Memorial ScholarshipJoe Y. FifieldPiPennsylvania State University
Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Scholarship AwardChase A. HowardOmicron-SigmaIndiana University Southeast
Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership AwardAdam A. KozloskiGamma-ThetaUniversity of Florida
Christopher Grasso ScholarshipMatthew FownesEpsilon-DeltaUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Clover Forest Plantation ScholarshipBenjamin MattseyBeta-ChiSouthern Illinois University Carbondale
Donald A. & John R. Fisher Memorial ScholarshipJohn R. PrudenXi-TauLyon College
Doris and Elmer H. Schmitz, Sr. Memorial ScholarshipGage A. ReynoldsIota-OmicronUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Dwayne R. Woerpel Memorial ScholarshipDominick GilletteDelta-ZetaSoutheast Missouri State University
Eric D. Dunning ScholarshipSeth SpinnerBeta-EtaMissouri University of Science and Technology
Eugene C. Beach Memorial ScholarshipGregory MillerSigma-ThetaSaint Leo University
Father Timothy Vakoc Memorial ScholarshipTaylor SwimIota-BetaSusquehanna University
Francis J. Flynn Memorial ScholarshipMaxwell KizewskiSigma-ThetaSaint Leo University
Gabe Anaya ScholarshipZack MeyerAlpha-OmicronNew Mexico State University
George W. Woolery Memorial ScholarshipFrancesco KmentUpsilon-EtaUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology
George P Bundy Scholarship FundAnthony A. TemeliescuGamma-ThetaUniversity of Florida
Georgia Province ScholarshipIan PickensXi-LambdaUniversity of Georgia
Greg & Cay Woodson Leadership ScholarshipAustin WagnerLambda-UpsilonGeorgia Southern University
Harry J. Donnelly Memorial ScholarshipAustin WarrIota-BetaSusquehanna University
J.D. Williams ScholarshipMr. Mason G. OhnemusEpsilonIowa State University
J. Russell Salsbury Memorial ScholarshipKyle WilliamsIota-BetaSusquehanna University
TKE Leadership AwardMichael SassoDelta-PsiNorth Dakota State University
Beta-Sigma/Jeffrey S. Herle Memorial Scholarship FundJack TenneyBeta-SigmaUniversity of Southern California
John A. Courson ScholarshipAmir KaskasIota-ThetaCentenary College of Louisiana
John C. Fitzgerald, Jr. ScholarshipJacob BourgaultPi-IotaUniversity of Nevada, Reno
Kenneth L. Duke, Sr. Memorial ScholarshipColin WuUpsilon-MuNew York Institute of Technology-Manhattan
Lenwood S. Cochran ScholarshipTimothy ConceisonEpsilon-DeltaUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Lon G. Justice ScholarshipShane SullivanIota-BetaSusquehanna University
Michael & Candy Yakimo ScholarshipAlex R. GehrinBeta-EtaMissouri University of Science and Technology
Michael Cerussi Academic ScholarshipCameron HayesNuUniversity of California, Berkeley
Michael J. Morin ScholarshipAndrew BorbelyGamma ColonyUniversity of Illinois
Miles Gray Memorial ScholarshipZachary SmithSigma-ThetaSaint Leo University
Philip J. Duerr Memorial ScholarshipMark P. DetlorAlpha-Pi ColonyGeorge Washington University
Robert D. Planck ScholarshipJoseph LiphamOmicron-PiBaylor University
Robert O. Kincart ScholarshipMaxwell T. BrownZeta-LambdaBowling Green State University
Ronald Reagan Leadership AwardTimothy CucciEpsilon-BetaUniversity of Tampa
Southern Order of Honor ScholarshipKevin C. LandersOmicron-NuFlorida Institute of Technology
Steven J. Muir ScholarshipJustin WilliamsBeta-EtaMissouri University of Science and Technology
T.J. Schmitz ScholarshipMatthew A. HuskeyDelta-EpsilonCleveland State University
Thomas H. Dunning, Sr. ScholarshipEric M. HansonBeta-EtaMissouri University of Science and Technology
Timothy L. Taschwer ScholarshipMatthew RinglerIota-BetaSusquehanna University
TKE Servant Leadership ScholarshipChad J. LewisGamma-IotaUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
Todd Farmer Leadership ScholarshipJohn W. SmendaDelta-EpsilonCleveland State University
W. Allan Herzog ScholarshipAidan R. KingsfordNuUniversity of California, Berkeley
Wallace G. McCauley ScholarshipRobert WaltonEpsilon-DeltaUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
William V. Muse ScholarshipPatrick J. AnzaloneXi-OmegaVirginia Polytechnic Institute
William Wilson Memorial ScholarshipDaniel G. ValchoBeta-Zeta ColonyLouisiana Tech University

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