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The TKE Nation Podcast: Ep36 - Alumni Endowed Scholarships with Roger Underwood

The TKE Nation Podcast: Ep36 - Alumni Endowed Scholarships with Roger Underwood

We all know that having an active alumni base is a sign of a strong chapter. But is your alumni base as functional as they could be? In this episode, CEO Donnie Aldrich sits down with Frater Roger Underwood (Epsilon, Iowa State) to learn about the robust scholarship program he has been instrumental in building for Epsilon. The Epsilon Alumni Association is responsible for a scholarship program that began humbly in 1963 with only a two five hundred dollar scholarships and has now grown to include an endowment that, in 2020, provided 42 collegiates with 76 scholarships totaling $66,096! The chapter even uses these scholarships as a recruitment tool.

Listen now to for tips and tricks on building a legacy of fundraising for your own chapter.

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