The Official TKE Communication, Brand and Style Guide 2021 Update

The Official TKE Communication, Brand and Style Guide 2021 Update

INDIANAPOLIS—The Offices of the Grand Chapter is pleased to announce the release of the official TKE Communication, Brand and Style Guide.

For over a century, Tau Kappa Epsilon has provided leadership to young men, aiding them in their mental, moral and social development as they prepare for their future. Tau Kappa Epsilon is committed to advancing its vision of creating lifelong relationships that enhance educational, interpersonal, community and professional success. This is made possible only by attracting and recruiting men who wish to contribute to the advancement of society through the personal growth of our members, and service to others. For this reason, the Tau Kappa Epsilon brand is sacred.

By maintaining a consistent visual identity, we can successfully communicate the principles and traditions of Tau Kappa Epsilon, inspiring others to understand, follow and share them. The information within this manual outlines the standards that dictate the Tau Kappa Epsilon brand. It should be consulted as a guide for ensuring that the Tau Kappa Epsilon brand is represented accurately and consistently in all applications.

This guide can be easily accessed through the links below and by visiting or

Click the image below to download "The Official TKE Communication, Brand & Style Guide."

For more information, please contact:

Garrett Thomas
Director of Communications
317-872-6533 ext. 252


The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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