The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E7 | Ft. Joe Santangelo;VaynerMedia

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E7 | Ft. Joe Santangelo;VaynerMedia

We are joined by Frater Joe Santangelo (Upsilon-Lambda, Staten Island). Joe works for VanyerMedia and shares what he has learned from his time in TKE and what it has been like to work for one of the TKE HQ team's favorite entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary V is a phenomenal and energetic author, speaker and internet personality, and Joe gives us a little taste of that energy in this episode.

  • 1:00 The Weather. Exciting right?
  • 6:30 Swenson Is Mean. (Please keep sharing and commenting.)
  • 10:50 How Many Movies Have You Watched?
  • 12:00 As Long As You Love Me (Just listen, it'll make sense.)
  • 12:55 NBA TopShot Update
  • 17:00 Swenson is Ignore the Advice of Our Past Guests
  • 18:00 Rule of Three - Favorite American Cities
  • 22:50 The TKE Corner
  • 27:30 Where In the World Is Zach Scott
  • 29:00 Building Your Brand (Big Picture Be Nice)
  • 34;30 Back to the Future (We are getting pretty good at tangents.)
  • 38:00 Joe Santangelo, Upsilon-Lambda, College of Staten Island
  • 45:00 TKE is the Archetype For How the "Real" World Works.
  • 47:00 Working At VanyerMedia - Team Gary V
  • 53:00 Are You True To Who You Are?
  • 54:00 Providing Value
  • 57:40 ...Awkward
  • 59:53 You Gotta Give a ____ About Other People
  • 1:4:00 Closing Thoughts
  • 1:5:00 Smart Play From Swenson
  • 1:6:00 Cole Conner is Everything You Could Have Dreamed Him to Be

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