Frater Andrew Hughes To Climb Mount Everest

Frater Andrew Hughes To Climb Mount Everest

Frater Andrew Hughes (Chi, Washington) will soon be making his second attempt to summit Mount Everest. This attempt is nearly two years from the 2019 season when he fell just short of the summit after coming down with pneumonia during his summit rotation. At that time, he was evacuated by helicopter from 21,500 feet to a Kathmandu Hospital for recovery.

Hughes shared, "There was never a doubt in my heart I would return one day, and it is with the most immense gratitude and humility which I return seeking these humbling heights."

In 2019, THE TEKE Magazine spoke with Hughes before his first attempt. A follow-up interview and article were planned for 2020, assuming the completion of his second attempt. Unfortunately, COVID-19 caused the cancellation of the 2020 Everest season, and the article, and special travel edition of the magazine, were postponed. The staff of THE TEKE Magazine greatly look forward to speaking with Frater Hughes again following his second attempt—and sharing the full story with TKE Nation.

Frater Hughes will be attempting the seldom accomplished 8000M+ double. First, climbing Everest and completing the Seven Summits, a feat roughly around only 400 people have ever accomplished, and then reaching the summit of Lhotse within 24 hours, which is the 4th highest mountain in the world—this has been achieved by only around 40 people. Additionally, he will be attempting two altitude-related Guinness World Records.

"I absolutely realize we are promised nothing when we seek, only the opportunity to uncover unknowns that exist within the world and within ourselves," Hughes explained, 

To wish him well or follow along on Frater Hughes' Everest / Lhotse Expedition, follow him on Instagram (@andrew_i_hughes).

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