The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E13 | Ft. Ft Mark Vukovich

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E13 | Ft. Ft Mark Vukovich

Zach Scott checks in with his take on the Rule of Three and shares some inside info on our Chapter Builder resource. Also on the show, Donnie and Alex talk with a special guest tie-in since we are fresh off the Masters - Mark Vukovich (Pi-Iota, Nevada, Reno) is an aspiring professional golfer and shares his journey from downhill ski racing to golf pro.

  • :30 Amen At The Corner
  • 4:00 Masters Recap
  • 12:00 Rule Of Three
  • 14:20 Alex Dropping Knowledge Bombs
  • 21:00 Where In The World Is Zach Scott?
  • 23:00 If You Could Do It Again... ?
  • 25:40 Recruitment Pipelines
  • 27:35 What Is Chapter Builder?
  • 31:00 If You Aren't Happy, The Possibilities Are Endless
  • 33:10 Mark Vukovich - Aspiring Professional Golfer
  • 34:00 Competitive Golf Even After College
  • 40:00 What Is it Like To Be A Golf Pro?
  • 43:00 52 Hours A Week Practicing Golf
  • 54:00 More Than Just A Job
  • 1:08:00 The Art Of Throwing A Golf Club
  • 1:10:00 Reach Out To Mark (He's happy to help.)
  • 1:11:10 Closing Thoughts

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