About Alumni Associations

An Alumni Association is a group working together to foster the TKE spirit among alumni of many generations. An association is chartered either as a chapter-based or area-based Alumni Association. Alumni Associations plan social and philanthropic events just like a chapter, and many Alumni Associations award scholarships to collegiate members.

Regardless of whether it's chapter-based or area-based, an Alumni Association receives a charter that must be renewed every biennium. A chartered Alumni Association is part of the Grand Chapter and gets one vote at Grand Chapter meetings.

Please contact Chris Niles with questions about Alumni Associations.

Purpose of Alumni Associations

A Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association has a variety of purposes and may be different based on the individual associations’ preference. The main focus areas for an alumni association are generally among the following:

  • Host Social Events with Alumni Members of TKE in a Specific Area
  • Network with Alumni Members of TKE in a Specific Area
  • Mentor A Local Chapter or Local Chapters of TKE
  • Create Scholarship Opportunities for Members of TKE
  • Perform Community Service
  • Involvement in Philanthropic Causes like Raising Money for The Ronald and Nancy Reagan Alzheimer’s Research Institute and St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.
  • Continuing Education and Personal Development
  • Communicate with Members of TKE in a Specific Area

Start an Alumni Association

You can charter an association with the following three steps.

  1. List of 20 Alumni Association members, including email addresses.
  2. A minimum of three officers (president, vice president, secretary/treasurer)
  3. $200 Biennial Fee or $1000 Lifetime Fee.

How to Get Started

Alumni Interest
The first step in the formation of an Alumni Association in your area is to form an interest group and a steering committee. The interest group is for any members of TKE that are simply interested in getting involved in an Alumni Association and wish to participate in the events, aid the local chapter(s), and/or receive communications. The steering committee is for those member of TKE that are interested in coming up with the ideas for the events, planning the events, communicating with members, being the point man/men, working with the Alumni & Volunteer Coordinator and/or aiding in the logistics.

If you, or other Tekes you know, are interested in starting an Alumni Association in your area, start to gather names and contact information and contact Chris Niles at the Offices of the Grand Chapter for assistance.

Renew an Active Alumni Association

All associations should confirm or update their officers with headquarters at least annually.

If your association paid the term fee, the charter expires at the end of Conclave and will need to be renewed for the next biennium. Please make any necessary officer updates before processing payment for your renewal.

If you have any questions please email Chris Niles.

Change an Alumni Association Officer

If your Alumni Association is active, and you need to change an officer or update the contact information for an officer, please contact Karen Coleman.

If your Alumni Association is not active, please contact Chris Niles to update your association officers before renewing your association.