Frater Creates Carolina Latino Collaborative

Frater Creates Carolina Latino Collaborative

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Frater Ron Bilbao of Upsilon-Nu Chapter (UNC-Chapel Hill) found a home at UNC through a Carolina Covenant Scholarship. His work with other students, faculty and campus administrators created a home for other Latino students at Carolina.

Bilbao's dream came true with the founding of the Carolina Latina/o Collaborative (CLC) in April 2010. The CLC is located in Craige North residential hall. The mixed-use space includes offices, smart classrooms, a foyer for art exhibits, and a patio and break-room ideal for social interaction. The CLC will be a place for discussion and planning ways to examine Latino culture, issues and scholarship. Frater Bilbao has taken his experience at TKE and worked to truly Build A Better World.

Since spring, the CLC has helped host speakers and events in collaboration with numerous student groups and faculty members. More programming is in the works for the coming academic year.

Here's the story of Ron and the CLC, as told by him and his friends at Carolina.
It’s a miracle," Bilbao says of the Carolina Covenant. "My family and I call it that because there wouldn’t have been any chance of me going to college without a scholarship like this.”
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