Struggling to make the right decision? Let's talk.

Struggling to make the right decision? Let's talk.

Frater Mark SternerLife is full of difficult choices and college presents a brand new set of opportunities. Should I join a fraternity? Should I study or go play basketball? We make decisions all the time – some without even thinking about the potential consequences. It only takes one second of poor judgment to change your life and, potentially, countless others. 

One Frater travels from coast-to-coast telling his story and why making the right calls can make an incredible difference in your life. He talks to high schools, colleges, sports teams and individuals about how his dreams were dashed in a matter of moments. His incredible story is one every member of TKE should hear. Better Men for a Better World is his mission too. It all begins by inviting him to your campus.
Frater Mark Sterner (Tau-Mu, Johnson & Wales Univ.) doesn’t want to forget what has made him the man he is today - he wants to share it with you.
The takeaways from his story are priceless. The amount of lives changed by his efforts are countless. Give him the chance at your university – you won’t regret it.
Contact Campuspeak to schedule him for your campus at 303.745.5545. You can also learn more by going to his site.    

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