Kansas City, San Francisco & Indianapolis RLCs Success

Kansas City, San Francisco & Indianapolis RLCs Success

Fraters Discuss Life Loyal TekeWith the Elmer & Donna Smith Regional Leadership Conference in Atlanta and Baltimore RLC yet to commence, the TKE Nation has already surpassed attendance records for these important educational programs. The Kansas City RLC kicked-off the month with more than 180 attendees. This past weekend, the Greg & Cay Woodson RLC in San Francisco and Indianapolis RLC saw record numbers as well. There are rumors there will be nearly 300 attendees in Atlanta and nearly 400 in Baltimore.   

The Essence of Excellence is the theme of the 2011 RLCs. In each, Fraters have learned about several aspects of TKE and personal growth.
Friday begins with registration and a Kick-off Reception. Attendees then get a choice of round-ups based on their preference. They could choose from colonies (help with chartering), honoraries (what are honorary memberships), technology (what are the latest TKE upgrades), TEF Brick Campaign, and “What does Nationals do?”
The evening general session begins with a regional services meeting and closes with a working ritual, allowing individuals to walk through each step of TKE’s rituals.
Saturday morning begins with breakfast and then it’s off to two morning workshops. The topics range from communicating and creating champions to monster membership and management. In total, there are 10 different morning topics to choose from. The lunch program begins at noon with various topics being discussed at each location.
Next up is another group of workshops ranging from reinventing your image to responsibility, allowing individuals to split among five different topics. Ritual has been the resounding favorite of RLCs so far. When you have more Fraters in a room than any individual chapter, the impact is incredible on the initiated and alumni members alike.
The Life Loyal Teke reception immediately follows the conclusion of all rituals allowing Fraters to network and learn about the latest going on in the TKE Nation.
The Regional Banquet concludes the weekend’s activities with engaging guest speakers, including a representative from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Saturday evening also allows an opportunity for Fraters to meet one-on-one with members of the TKE professional staff for additional assistance on topics not addressed during the various sessions or other issues. 

If you are not signed up for a Regional Leadership Conference and want to attend either Atlanta or Baltimore, you can sign-up online or on-site. Did you enjoy your experience at this year’s RLCs? Let us know.

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