Do It. Or Else.

Do It. Or Else.

Stop Hazing Today!"Do it or Else." This phrase has probably been around since man could speak. It has caused arguments, fights, and even wars. Four words combined with ego, arrogance, and shortsightedness has been the cause of injury and death. What does this have to do with Tau Kappa Epsilon? The answer should be nothing. The truth is a handful, along with members of other fraternities and sororities, are giving a black eye to the entire Greek movement.

Why? Because you think you’re better? If you think this is the case, you haven't listened to and digested the meaning of your organization. Should you be proud of the letters you wear on your chest? Absolutely. For TKE they stand for not conforming to the status quo. They shout Better Men for a Better World. They represent individuals who have never and will never look at skin color, religion, or money as requirements for membership. These are just a few of the reasons you should be respected.

No fraternity or sorority founders built their organization in the hopes that you would tear down others, fight, or, perhaps worst of all, haze. Then why does it still go on? Is it "tradition" or "because it’s always been done?" News Flash - It hasn't. And if you are truly convinced it has, start a new one.

  • It was a tradition that only "whites" played professional baseball. That is until Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947.
  • Only men can run companies. That tradition was crushed in 1972 when Katherine Graham became the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company - The Washington Post Co.
  • Frater Danny Thomas saw kids dying of catastrophic diseases and decided it needed to stop. He created St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  • It was nearly a 30-year tradition to keep Germany split into the East and West by the Soviet Union. Hundreds lost their lives trying to get over the Berlin Wall and in 1989 Frater Ronald Reagan was successful in getting it torn down.
The men and women who break from tradition and blaze their own trail find success. They encounter resistance and naysayers, but perseverance is just around the corner. It is for you too. But you need to stop the cycle NOW. If you continue down the same path and say you’ll fix it tomorrow, that "day" will never come.

Extend a hand instead of a fist. Smile instead of scowl. Lead instead of follow. You decide the fate of all Greek Organizations - not the chapter. Your personal actions are what will be the difference between success and failure. Lift this weight off your shoulders by creating an environment of love, charity and esteem. THESE are the words you say define this organization. Stop only saying them and show them.

Learn more about Hazing Prevention Awareness Week and help make this world better for everyone. 

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