A Dream and Unwavering Determination

A Dream and Unwavering Determination

Co-Founders of BEC, Frater Laster on rightRALEIGH, N.C. – "It's nice to see those who laughed at us when we told them of our aspirations." It's a simple tale of a group of guys with a vision of where they want to be and a plan to get them there. Frater Matthew Laster (Beta-Beta, North Carolina State Univ.), Bryan Young, and Brandon Blair co-founded Business Empire Consulting. They are now up for the prestigious honor of Businessweek's America's Best Young Entrepreneur award, but need votes by October 20 to earn the coveted distinction. They are currently in the top 25 under 25. This is where Tekes come in. Vote.

"We had many people say we were crazy trying to set this award as a goal, saying we should concentrate more on less lofty expectations," said Frater Matthew. "I've wanted this since the day I started my first company. And now we are so close."

Started in 2008, the brand management company brought in about $13,000. Today, revenues are on track to exceed $5 Million. Companies like Clinique, clothing chain Belk, and the Colliers International all put their faith in Business Empire Consulting to focus on social media, mobile marketing, and reputation management. The self-proclaimed introverted, nerdy kid quickly shed his demeanor after meeting with members of the Beta-Beta Chapter.
"I credit the Fraternity with helping me break out of my shell and introducing me to my business partners. Many of the skills learned as an officer, specifically Crysophylos and Rush Chairman, help me today. You may not know what TKE can offer until you begin using tools acquired while an undergraduate."
The company has 27 employees and more than 20 clients with no end of growth in sight. Being able to boast statistics like 1,000% return on investment, the ability to call the CEO any time, and a client base that includes Fortune 1000 companies, BEC is quickly becoming the talk of marketing companies everywhere. They also have a non-profit in the works to give back to their community.
"The co-founders and I grew up in very different environments, but the common thread of our love for the company helped us decide on a way to help kids. 'Start a Company, Not a Gang' will help us combine entrepreneurship and inspiring others to keep dreaming as we did. If we can do it, anyone can."
Much like other Fraters in the TKE Nation, Laster didn't see himself as a "fraternity guy." After attending a broomball recruitment event and hanging out with some members after completely changed his mind. He accepted a bid and moved into the house right away. He credits Fraters Paul Hicks and his big brother Jon Gainey, both Top Tekes, with getting involved in chapter operations. He has continued his TKE transition from officer to Board of Advisors member.

Frater Matthew Laster and his co-founders need your help to realize their goal of becoming the best American Young Entrepreneurs. You can vote until October 20 and then the field will be narrowed to five (5) October 27. Stay tuned as we update the results.

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