TKE Awards for 2011-12 Announced

TKE Awards for 2011-12 Announced
Top TKE ChapterThis year has been nothing short of amazing. Every individual and chapter made 2011-12 a resounding success. We would like to recognize those Fraters and groups who made a significant impact to continue building Better Men for a Better World.


Top Teke Award Winners Chapter School
Wesley Johnston Epsilon-Theta Southeastern Oklahoma State Univ.
Steven Gagliano Beta-Sigma Univ. of Southern California
Mark Letenzi Xi-Omega Virginia Tech
Grayson Jacobs Xi-Lambda Univ. of Georgia
Michael Nesbitt Rho-Chi Lebanon Valley College
Benjamin Helton Xi-Theta Univ. of West Georgia

Top Teke Honorable Mention Chapter School
Gustavo Grajales Kappa-Beta Colony Univ. of Texas - Pan American
Carlos Perry Beta-Lambda Auburn Univ.

Top TKE Recruiters Chapter School
Gabriel Espinosa Beta-Xi  
Danny Klopfenstein Alpha-Gamma Washington State Univ.
Taylor Witt Xi-omega Virginia Tech.
Wesley Johnston Epsilon-Theta Southeastern Oklahoma State Univ.
Cameron Gulley Tau-Nu Shawnee State Univ.
Top TKE Recruiter Honorable Mention Chapter School
Cory Davis Delta-Lambda Univ. of Central Missouri
Joshua Indech Xi-Lambda Univ. of Georgia
Joshua Stephens Xi-Theta Univ. of West Georgia
Brad Michaels Mu-Omicron Tennessee Tech Univ.

Top TKE Chapters School
Rho-Delta California Polytechnic Univ.
Tau-Omega Carleton Univ.
Epsilon Iowa State Univ.
Beta-Omega Missouri State Univ.
Delta-Nu Northwest Missouri State Univ.
Upsilon-Delta Saginaw Valley State Univ.
Tau-Nu Shawnee State Univ.
Iota-Beta Susquehanna Univ.
Pi-Delta Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
Pi-Xi Univ. of California, San Diego
Chi Univ. of Washington
Xi-Theta Univ. of West Georgia
Lambda Univ. of Wisconsin
Alpha-Gamma Washington State Univ.
Top TKE Chapters Honorable Mention School
Mu-Upsilon Illinois State Univ.
Epsilon-Eta Southwestern Oklahoma State Univ.

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