Meet your RLC Facilitators

Meet your RLC Facilitators

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is excited to announce the facilitation team for the 2013 Regional Leadership Conferences. A record number of men and women applied to help build Better Men for a Better World at the RLCs in just a few months. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. For more information on the RLCs and to register, please go to Meet the team:

Philadelphia RLC - Feb 1-2, 2013
Art Schouten - Gamma-Zeta (Hartwick College)
Dave Lefcourt - Alpha-Nu (Univ. of New Hampshire)
Chris Pia - Kappa-Psi (Quinnipiac Univ.)
Chris Niles - Grand Chapter
Rob Guarini - Sigma-Nu (SUNY New Paltz)

Chicago RLC - Feb 8-9, 2013
Bill Shelton - Iota-Gamma (Truman St. Univ.)
James Fox - Epsilon-Kappa (Loyola Univ. of Chicago)
Nick McCormick - Upsilon-Xi (Oakland Univ.)
Greg Monigold - Mu-Upsilon (Illinois State Univ.)
Alex Baker - Upsilon-Iota (I.U.P.U.I.)
Thomas O'Rourke* - Zeta-Zeta (Univ. of Milwaukee-Wisconsin)

Elmer and Donna Smith RLC - February 15-16, 2013
Rene Cintron - Iota-Upsilon (Univ. of West Alabama)
Travis Ridgel - Theta-Nu (Southeastern Louisiana Univ.)
Edwin Robinson - Theta-Nu (Southeastern Louisiana Univ.)
Tripp Warren - Pi-Delta (Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham)
Aaron Pattison - Beta-Sigma (Univ. of Southern Cal)
Josh Indech* - Xi-Lambda (Univ. of Georgia)

Greg and Cay Woodson RLC - February 22-23, 2013
Anthony Wright - Nu (Univ. of Cal-Berkeley)
Matthew Chung - Upsilon-Pi (Univ. of Cal-Santa Cruz)
Matt Lynch - Rho-Xi (San Jose St. Univ.)
Eric Grubb - Mu-Xi
Matt Previts - Upsilon-Alpha (Spring Hill College)

Kansas City RLC - March 1-2, 2013
David Raddatz - Alpha-Phi (Univ. of Kansas)
Anthony Wright - Nu (Univ. of Cal-Berkeley)
Izzy Fabsits - (Columbia College)
Bill Shelton - Iota-Gamma (Truman St. Univ.)
John Fabsits - Xi-Eta (Missouri Western St. University)

*Facilitator in Training

For information on how to save money on registration, please see the article from last month. The RLCs will be here before you know it. We hope to see you there!

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