Spring 2019 Expansions Update

Spring 2019 Expansions Update

INDIANAPOLIS – The Offices of the Grand Chapter is proud to update TKE Nation on four expansions for Spring 2019. We would also like to introduce our newest member of the Professional Staff, Frater Brandon May. Frater May joins the team as Expansion Coordinator and will be leading the efforts at Eastern Washington University under the guidance of Director of Expansion, Nick Kimble.

“The best part about expansion is the one similarity and the dozens of intricate details that make each University project unique. Kentucky is interest group based. Beta-Beta is a rebuild. TKE has never been to Eastern Washington or Benedictine University, yet, EWU has a robust Greek system, and we battled at Benedictine to be the FIRST Fraternity,”  said Nick of this semester's projects.

He continued, “most Fraternities might look over a school with no Greek life like Benedictine University—TKE doesn’t and never has. We have an organizational history of paving the path forward at serious Greek life institutions.”

  • Beta-Beta (North Carolina State) TKE is rebuilding the Beta-Beta Chapter initially founded in 1947. After a brief suspension, the group is looking to hit the ground running towards more lifetime chapter awards to add to their collection, and there are Beta-Beta Tekes already on campus who will move the group forward this spring. In addition, the local Alumni are engaged and excited about the return. The group began recruitment in late January.
  • Benedictine University The expansion team recently presented to become the very first Fraternity on Benedictine’s campus. Benedictine University is a private Catholic institution and has taken an interest in building Greek Life on their campus with its first sorority started this past fall. TKE is excited to expand our Windy City province into the suburbs of Chicago.
  • Gamma-Sigma (University of Kentucky) Founded in 1951, Gamma-Sigma has had a few stints at University of Kentucky’s campus. The Chapter has an active group of alumni looking to bring leadership and direction to a nearly 40-man interest group that has developed in Lexington. In fact, one of the Greek Advisors is a Teke!
  • Eastern Washington University This is a cold start expansion. TKE has never had a chapter on this campus, but is looking to expanding our footprint out west at this growing Greek institution. On-site recruitment began on February 1.

“We are excited to expand at Eastern Washington University. Their Greek Life has grown exponentially within the last few years. Although EWU is a smaller campus, I believe we will be able to tap into the many different communities on campus to further diversify their Greek Life community,” says Frater May.

Tau Kappa Epsilon is currently seeking motivated, driven individuals ready for a life-changing experience. If you are or you know a student attending any of these universities, please recommend them to join TKE at www.tke.org/join. If you are interested in working with us to bring a TKE Chapter to your campus, please let us know and fill out an Expansion Request.  


For more information, please contact:

Garrett Thomas
Director of Communications
317-872-6533 ext. 252

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