TKE Foundation Awards More Than $93,000 in Opportunity Fund Scholarships

TKE Foundation Awards More Than $93,000 in Opportunity Fund Scholarships

Recognizing the unprecedented challenges facing our members and their loved ones as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Opportunity Fund was established to serve and support our Fraternity, our chapters and our members during and after this time of uncertainty.

When COVID-19 uprooted the lives of our Fraters and friends across TKE Nation, hundreds of TKE Foundation donors, volunteers and friends of the Fraternity magnified their support to provide critical assistance when it was needed most.

As a result, the TKE Foundation is proud to provide $93,700 in Opportunity Fund Scholarships to over 250 Fraters from 121 chapters. These scholarships, made possible by generous Foundation donors, ensure students struggling to continue their education due to the financial implications of the pandemic may continue to grow, learn and discover alongside their TKE family.

Several Opportunity Fund recipients shared the importance of receiving scholarship assistance amidst the pandemic.

Aneet Singh
Wabash College

Aneet Singh

”TKE at Wabash College accepted me as one of their own. It is now my home away from home, especially as an international student. Although I come from a different culture, the brothers at Tau Kappa Epsilon gave me a place in their house and rather than focusing on our differences, we united on our similarities in the direction of the virtues of love, charity and esteem. Having a safe place like that in a foreign country enabled me to stay focused on my academics and have a brotherhood-based family to support my emotional and social needs. Receiving this generous aid would pay off part of my semester balance at Wabash College. Doing so enables me to return to campus to continue my education and remain active in my Fraternity house as a present member.”

Riley Burke
George Washington Univeristy

Riley Burke

”TKE has been the single most impactful organization I have been a part of—a defining part of my college career. With the financial pain me and my family have suffered from during this pandemic, going into my senior year I will be faced with the impossible decision between financing my education or continuing in my role as Hypophetes in the Fraternity I love and have helped build from a colony. This scholarship will take that burden off my back and allow me to stay with my closest friends for my senior year and continue to build the chapter we have grown together.”

John Berg
University of California-Santa Cruz

John Berk

”This scholarship will greatly aid me by reducing the financial stress that has distracted me from a lot of my work. It will clear space in my head that I can devote to my major studies and bettering the Upsilon-Pi chapter at UCSC. I have been an independent since my senior year of high school, and I have not had help to support myself. It has been a troubling journey, but I have the determination to keep going and make myself proud in order to be successful.”

Emmanuel Avgerinos
Miami University

Emmanuel Avgerinos

”TKE has impacted my life in so many ways. Most importantly, it has helped me develop my leadership skills and work ethic. When I was house manager, I truly learned how to work with a budget, lead others and gain their support, and unite the chapter to make our organization better. Receiving aid puts far less of a burden on me and my mom for the semester to come. I have a single mother who runs her own small business—this aid would add a sense of security for us and put me at peace that we will be able to make it through this. Furthermore, I will be able to continue to be an active member of my chapter.”

Thank you to the donors who have given generously to support Fraters like Aneet, Riley, John and Emmanuel. To support the future of TKE during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, visit

Collegiate members interested in receiving scholarship assistance are encouraged to apply for TKE Foundation Grand Chapter Scholarships at The application deadline is March 15, 2021.

For more information, please contact:

Rachel Stevenson

317-872-6533 ext. 246

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