National Volunteer Month - Recognizing Benchmark Years of Service

National Volunteer Month - Recognizing Benchmark Years of Service

In honor of National Volunteer Month, the Offices of the Grand Chapter would like to recognize those volunteers whose service is notable for its longevity. The volunteers listed below have shown dedication beyond compare to the mission of Tau Kappa Epsilon and their years of service aiding our Fraters in their mental, moral and social development is worthy of TKE Nation's recognition. Below you will find the volunteers who are celebrating a benchmark year of service this year.

Director of Alumni Engagement Christopher Niles shared, "engaged volunteers are critical to our continued success. Thank you to these key leaders who have provided continuity over multiple years and have impacted the lives of thousands of Fraters."

Fifty Plus Years of Service

Dr. William V. Muse
Northwestern State University

Dr. William V. Muse

Frater William V. Muse has been volunteering with Tau Kappa Epsilon for 54 years. A graduate of Northwestern State University in Louisiana, Frater Muse earned his MBA and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Arkansas. His long and distinguished academic career included both teaching and administrative positions. He served as dean of business schools at Appalachian State University, the University of Nebraska, and Texas A&M University, where he was later appointed vice-chancellor for academic programs.
A Past Grand Prytanis of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Frater Muse is now a member of the board of directors of the TKE Education Foundation. He joined the ranks of Circle of Excellence in 2007, Life Loyal Teke program in 2003, received the Fraternity for Life Award in 2002, is a Knight of Apollo (1993), Teke Alumnus of the Year recipient in 1985, Order of the Golden Eagle in 1983, and member of the Southern Order of Honor.
The William V. Muse Alumni Volunteer Academy, named in honor of Frater Muse, is designed as TKE’s premier volunteer training opportunity. This program invests in the individual to develop their personal leadership and mentoring style. It utilizes lessons taught at both the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership Academy and key principles from Past Grand Prytanis Dr. William V. Muse’s research on leadership and management in the fraternity world; the AVA helps train TKE volunteers to truly build Better Men for a Better World on campuses across North America.

Conrad R. Solum Jr.
University of Southern California

Conrad R. Solum Jr.

In 1965, following law school, the AirForce Reserves, and the establishment of his career, he began his volunteer position on the Scorpion Benefit Corporation, the not-for-profit entity that owns the local TKE properties. Fifty-six years later, Frater Solum is still one of the area’s most appreciated and dedicated volunteers. With this lifetime of service, it is no surprise that Connie had a part in the making TKE the fastest growing fraternity in the history of the USC Greek System.
Frater Solum, speaking of his volunteer efforts, shared, “That’s something we learn in the Fraternity; it’s part of our DNA. Staying involved and being helpful to people.” He continued, “Put as much effort into the Fraternity as you can muster because you will get back more than that—At that time or in the future. Stay involved.”

Twenty Five Years of Service

Celebrating Twenty Fifth Year of Service

Daniel S. CrossOmicron-MuHusson University
Mark E. ShellEpsilon-SigmaUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Earl W. Bright IVTheta-GammaLock Haven University
Daniel L. CummingsKappa-Nu ColonyRockhurst University
Jason A. HalprinRho-TauUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn
Joseph P. McCarthyPi-BetaBloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
James R. BurmeisterXiWashington University
Mark A. MelbyDelta-PsiNorth Dakota State University
Louis L. LeBlanc CAEGamma-ThetaUniversity of Florida
Eric J. Purchase, Esq.Delta-ChiGannon University

Ten Years of Service

Celebrating Tenth Year of Service

1SG James C. UptonIota-OmegaGlenville State College
Richard E. EnkebollBeta-LambdaAuburn University
Siji MooreIotaEureka College
Lucas M. LittleIotaEureka College
Brandon WegerIotaEureka College
Troy HallIotaEureka College
Joshua G. McKeeIotaEureka College
Jon HacklerIotaEureka College
Joshuia FenderIotaEureka College
Erik KurtenbachIotaEureka College
Tyler CoblerIotaEureka College
Saad AbbasRho-DeltaCal Poly Pomona
Rey MoralesSigma-AlphaFlorida International University
Dave A. ReedEpsilon-ThetaSoutheastern Oklahoma State University
Jesse N. RamirezZeta-DeltaAlma College
Kevin R. StoneRho-TauUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn
Hubert H. Setzler IIIOmicron-ThetaNewberry College
Kirk A. MartinRho-PsiMillersville University
Gregory SanchezPi-ThetaUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
Robert A. Emmons, Jr.Pi-ChiRutgers University-Camden
Curt M. CostelloBeta-EtaMissouri University of Science and Technology
David T. BeuleBeta-RhoUniversity of Akron
Robert B. AltizerXi-OmegaVirginia Polytechnic Institute
Paul B. FrankIota-PiKent State University
Shawn W. O'DowdXi-OmegaVirginia Polytechnic Institute
Erik LewisNuUniversity of California, Berkeley
Phillip W. BowenZeta-DeltaAlma College
Paul F. KinderZeta-DeltaAlma College
Adam C. WalkerTheta-DeltaFairmont State University
G. Scott SpenceBeta-BetaNorth Carolina State University
Cory FunkPi-AlphaAshland University
Thomas R. SupersMu-Alpha ColonyWest Chester University
Todd ProkopZeta-MuWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Justin OdomZeta-MuWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Samuel FellerZeta-MuWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Michael P. SullivanPi-AlphaAshland University
Jonathan SaffordLambda-DeltaUniversity of Southern Maine
Frank L. HarbinXi-ThetaUniversity of West Georgia
Jeremy J. SpiveyXi-ThetaUniversity of West Georgia
Jason L. RichardsTau-PsiUniversity of West Florida
James M. CarberryIota-ChiNew Mexico Highlands University
William Thurston PopeMu-ChiUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington
Scott RepieIota-PiKent State University
Brandon R. SmithEpsilon-UpsilonNorthwestern State University
Drew H. GriffinLambda-PsiEast Carolina University
Arthur S. DuffyBeta-ChiSouthern Illinois University Carbondale
Robert C. ReineckGamma-ChiValparaiso University
Andrew E. ZielinskiDelta-EpsilonCleveland State University
Christopher A. NobbsRho-EpsilonNorthwood University
John A. deBontAlpha-RhoUniversity of Rhode Island
T. J. MoodyAlpha-NuUniversity of New Hampshire
J. V. PatelTau-PiPace University-Manhattan
Justin J. KoppDelta-PsiNorth Dakota State University
Matthew R. AdamsSigma-KappaMerrimack College
Robert A. WaitkusAlpha-TauDrexel University
Michael A. FerroZeta-MuWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Charles R. Messina IIITau-ThetaFairleigh Dickinson University, Madison
Timothy B. BauschPhiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
Charles E. PearsonOmicron-NuFlorida Institute of Technology
Matt E. HodgePi-DeltaUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Tony BrammerTau-NuShawnee State University
David M. ScullOmicron-SigmaIndiana University Southeast
Greg M. GallupGamma-PhiEmporia State University
Larry KingTheta-SigmaSt. John's University
Jeffrey M. BermanKappa-PsiQuinnipiac University
Dr. Dennis E. GregoryMu-TauJames Madison University
Joshua LoudenUpsilon-IotaIndiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Zachary C. DorholtTheta-RhoSt. Cloud State University
Clay AckerDelta-ChiGannon University
Anthony J. WrightNuUniversity of California, Berkeley
John Lafay-University of Wisconsin, Plattville

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