The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E18 | Ft. Cole Conner

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E18 | Ft. Cole Conner

We are joined once again by Collegiate Advisory Committee Chairman Cole Conner. He is a graduating senior majoring in sports management with minors in business administration, sales and entrepreneurship. While at Epsilon-Omicron, he has served as Epiprytanis, Rush Chair and Fundraising Chair, and received the honors of Top TEKE, Top New Member, Top Recruiter and Top Fundraiser. In this episode, he shares his experience in TKE, his chapter, life lessons and talks about career status as he begins the transition from collegiate to alumnus.

  • :58 Bring The Sunshine
  • 1:40 Tony Robbins, You Free?
  • 2:00 Indy 500 101 (It's kind of a big deal in Indiana.)
  • 8:21 What Are You Reading?
  • 16:24 Rule Of Three (Food for the win.)
  • 18:30 Where In The World Is Zach Scott
  • 21:00 Whataburger For Lunch In Indianapolis?
  • 22:00 A Thunderous Roar
  • 27:00 Recruitment, Risk, Ritual, Retainment, Resourcefulness
  • 28:00 Welcome Back Cole Conner
  • 29:30 Sitting In For Donnie
  • 31:00 Perspectives
  • 33:20 TKE Isn't A Magic Wand
  • 36:00 Are You Okay With Being Okay?
  • 37:01 Epsilon-Omicron - Doing Big Things
  • 39:10 Mouthpiece For "Nationals"
  • 42:30 I'd Like To Thank...
  • 44:00 With Whom Do You Surround Yourself?
  • 48:30 What Qualifications Do You Have?
  • 49:00 That Is Not How You Do That... (Ritual mix-ups.)
  • 55:30 Closing Thoughts (Go ahead and hit Alex up.)

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