Where is that?

Where is that?

Where is that? Right Here.INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Several times per year, the Offices of the Grand Chapter and Volunteer staff are inundated with questions like, 'Where is this located?’ or ‘Where can I find information on that?’ While some things can be difficult to pinpoint, the majority of all questions can be found on our website TKE.org. Below you will find the ten most common questions fielded on phone calls, facebook messages, emails or text messages received by us. 

1)      How do we register our new candidates?

If you look to the image on the right (Number 1), the screenshot shows a badge labeled “Register.” If you click that button, it will walk you through the entire registration process. To input and edit your roster, you need to go to the Membership Maintenance Module (explained below).

2)      Where do we get cool TKE Gear?

You can find everything you need, and ensure the quality of the product is high, by clicking the “Shop TKE” icon (Number 2) in the image to the right. There are two sites to choose from TKEGear.com and Licensed Vendors. Both of these will get you exactly what you need.

3)      Where is the Membership Maintenance Module? (and how do we get access)

The Membership Maintenance Module is located at the Houseplate Icon labeled “Login” (Number 3). This is the area volunteers and officers go to update rosters, pay annual membership/ risk management fees, update chapter address, log service and philanthropy, and much more. If you do not already have access to this portal, email technical support. However, if you forgot your password, simply click that button and it will be sent to your registered email address.
4)      What if I can’t find something I need?

There is a comprehensive Search Toolbar located on the far right (Number 4). You can type in anything, just like on Google, to find TKE related pages from your query. Can’t find recruitment supplies order forms? Type it in. It’s as simple as that

5)      How do I keep up to date on the latest TKE News & Events?

There are a myriad of ways to keep up-to-date on the latest News and Events. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and RSS Feeds have all you need to know about the TKE Nation. Even the chapter websites designed for Tekes are updated through RSS. If you haven’t seen the latest or aren’t signed up – do it.

6)      How do I submit TKE News and/ or Events?

Email the Director of Communication to ensure your news and events are updated on the tke.org website. Please allow some time prior to the event for both the best promotion and effort to get it online. Be sure to include the basics in each (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How) and a picture when applicable.

7)      Is TKE on any social networking sites?

As stated above, TKE is on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. Efforts are being made to increase the social exposure and if you would like to see TKE somewhere else, please let us know.

8)      How does our chapter or alumni association get into The TEKE Magazine?

Similar to submitting TKE News and/ or Events, email the Director of Communication with content and pictures of high quality. Unlike the internet, pictures of the magazine need to be very high quality. Typically, images taken by a digital camera, uploaded on your personal computer, and then attached directly to the email (as an attachment) should work. Any questions about this, let us know.

9)      Where is information on starting a service project or philanthropy event?

A section of the website showcases all of the service and philanthropic partners of TKE. We encourage you to fundraise and help local charities and non-profits, while you help our international efforts as well. Take a look at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Alzheimer’s Association for philanthropy and service partners for donating time.

10)  If all else fails, how do I contact someone at TKE?

Simple. Find the person you need on this list and click contact. If that fails, email TKE’s general email account.



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