First Conclave Deadline Approaching

First Conclave Deadline Approaching

2011 Conclave San AntonioINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - May 23rd is the deadline to take advantage of special discounted pricing. You can currently save $100 per person for the quad and 8-man bundle for collegiates AND $100 per person for the Alumni package. You can save $50 for the guest package.

How can you get some assistance to lower the cost more?

  1. Register eight, or four men at the quad rate, and receive $100 off per person! Attend Conclave for as little as $299/ person if you utilize the funds in your chapter’s Conclave Savings Plan.
  2. Talk with Student Services, Greek Life Administrators, and/ or Student Government.
    Colleges and universities have money allocated for student organizations to attend leadership training conferences. Often times this money goes unused, but can be accessed by asking the question. Fraters from St. Leo University recently registered 8 men using school funding - you can too! 
  3. Special Projects Fund
    Check with your Regional Director how much money you have in the Special Projects Fund. This is different from the Conclave Savings Plan which you put $250 per semester to help pay for the biennial TKE convention (totaling $1,000 for use at Conclave). This fund is built up by donors who earmark dollars for your chapter. The TKE Educational Foundation holds this money for you to access on educational opportunities like RLCs, Conclave, other leadership conferences, or construction on an educational part of the chapter house. *Don't forget to check your chapter statement for rebates earned on early payment for insurance and others.*

  4. Fundraising
    Many chapters hold fundraisers to help pay for educational opportunities like Conclave. Anything from working the concession stand at a sporting event to selling coupon books, members can earn enough money to send multiple members for free to this type of conference. If you need some ideas, check out the TKE Facebook Fan Page

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