Several Chapters Take Advantage, Have You?

Several Chapters Take Advantage, Have You?

Register for Conclave Today!INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – More than 40 groups have taken advantage of advance discount pricing to attend Conclave 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. Since the Black Book requires every chapter to be there and you should have $1,000 in your Conclave Savings Plan, why not make that stretch as much as it can. If you register by midnight (12:00 AM PDT), you can save save $100 per person for the quad and 8-man bundle for collegiate. For an 8-man bundle, this is an $800 savings. I’m sure you could use $800 for something else. Alumni can also save $100 per person for the Alumni package and $50 on the guest package. This is nothing to sneeze at – you may still get a discount, but it won’t be nearly as good when Tuesday arrives. Looking for other ways to save? Take a look at our earlier article. Are you in?

Take a look at who is:

Region 1 
Scorpion (Cornell Univ.)
Alpha-Tau (Drexel Univ.)
Epsilon-Zeta (Rider Univ.)
Beta-Mu (Bucknell Univ.)
Zeta-Tau (Shippensburg Univ.)
Xi-Upsilon (Rochester Institute of Tech.)
Tau-Omega (Carleton Univ.)
Upsilon-Lambda (College of Staten Island)
Xi-Phi Colony (Kutztown Univ.) 

Region 2 
Beta-Lambda (Auburn Univ.)
Epsilon-Omicron (Univ. of Houston)
Theta-Nu (Southeastern Louisiana State Univ.)
Kappa-Delta (Old Dominion Univ.)
Lambda-Iota (Florida State Univ.)
Xi-Theta (Univ. of West Georgia)
Xi-Iota (Univ. of Central Florida)
Xi-Chi (Southern Polytechnic State Univ.)
Sigma-Theta (St. Leo Univ.)
Sigma-Omicron (Middle Tennessee State Univ.)
Upsilon-Alpha (Spring Hill College)
Region 3 
Beta (Millikin Univ.)
Lambda (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Alpha-Alpha (Wabash College)
Delta-Epsilon (Cleveland State Univ.)
Epsilon-Nu (Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)
Zeta-Delta (Alma College)
Zeta-Lambda (Bowling Green State Univ.)
Nu-Lambda (Univ. of Southern Indiana)
Upsilon-Xi (Oakland Univ.)
Region 4
Epsilon (Iowa State Univ.)
Nu (Univ. of California-Berkeley)
Tau (Oregon State Univ.)
Phi (Univ. of Nebraska)
Chi (Univ. of Washington)
Alpha-Omicron (New Mexico State Univ.)
Beta-Theta (Univ. of Missouri)
Beta-Sigma (Univ. of Southern California)
Delta-Upsilon (Missouri Valley College)
Epsilon-Alpha (Saint Louis Univ.)
Kappa-Tau (Univ. of Arizona)
Pi-Iota (Univ. of Nevada-Reno)
Rho-Delta (California Polytechnic-Pomona)
Sigma-Lambda (Northeastern State Univ.)

As explained before, the Black Book requires you to be there - so why not save the most amount of money by registering now? 

Black Book: Chapter 1, Sec. 3

Attendance and Registration. Each chapter of the Fraternity is required to be in attendance at each Conclave, being represented by an accredited delegate. The payment of the registration and other fees for the attendance of Conclave shall be the responsibility of each chapter. Payment of the registration and other fees shall be made in four equal installments in accordance with a schedule established by the Chief Executive Officer. Failure of the delegate to be in attendance at the Conclave shall not relieve the chapter of the responsibility for the payment of the registration and other fees for the Conclave. The registration and other fees shall be established by the Chief Executive Officer in amounts necessary to cover the cost of conducting the Fraternity's Biennial Conclave.

The cost changes at 12 AM PDT - don’t pass up the opportunity.

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