The Teke Institute at Conclave

The Teke Institute at Conclave

Educational Sessions at ConclaveThe Teke Institute at Conclave 2011 is set to be a dynamic program. The topics vary from personal, professional, chapter and beyond. The hardest decision you will have to make is which one you will attend. Each session on Friday, August 5th is approximately 50 minutes each and begin at 10 AM. Get your pen, paper, and thinking cap on for an opportunity to enhance not only your Teke experience, but also your personal and professional power. More details on the educational session breakdowns, including time and location, will be available at registration. Mark down now which ones you want to attend so each representative from your chapter can bring back different nuggets of information.  

If you aren’t signed up yet, take a look at what you will be missing. You will find some great topics and facilitators to learn a great deal in a short amount of time. Make an investment in you and sign-up for Conclave today. 
Powerhouse Chapters –Quantity AND Quality
Once you have settled into a stable system of budgeting, recruitment, and chapter operations, do you ever look up at the bigger, dominant fraternities wondering how you could get to their level?  Are you looking to vault your chapter into the highest social circle on campus?  Do you struggle with your members who stand in the way of progress?  “Powerhouse Chapters” takes you through several steps that a chapter can take to dominate their campus on every field.   Part of being the best is knowing how to get past the mentality that somehow quality and quantity are competing aspects of recruitment and chapter structure.  This program will explain the tips, tricks, and overall battle plan that a chapter must take to be No. 1 on campus, and more importantly, how to stay there!
Presenters: Aaron Pattison & Special Guest
The Blueprint of Recruitment

How to get the recruitment class that will redefine your chapter.  Proven methods of increasing your membership while engaging your group. In this session, we will learn how to make your group stronger through effective recruitment. The Blueprint program is our secret weapon to enhancing the TKE experience from the journey of a Candidate to an Alumnus. Be prepared to take notes and generate excitement in your home Chapter/Colony!
Presenters: Donnie Aldrich & Jose Morales
Better Men for a Better World through Service and Philanthropy
This workshop focuses on HOW we can help build a "Better World" through service and philanthropy. Ever wondered how/what to record for service hours completed or dollars raised? Come discuss specific events that have worked all around TKE Nation and how you can start or better promote your own event to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 
Presenter: Michael Russell 
Confessions of a Corporate Recruiting Director: The Greek Guide to Getting a Job
This is not the typical, humdrum resume and interviewing presentation! Be prepared for a wild ride where participants will hear advice like they have never heard before. Students get plenty of resume suggestions, but rarely – if ever – do they hear from an actual Recruiting Director. You will hear real-world stories based on the more than 10,000 resumes he has read. Some of these stories will blow you away! “Confessions of a Recruiting Director” is an exposé that dispels the myths and uncovers the truths behind getting that first job. 
Presenter: Brad Karsh
Average Joe to CEO - TKE for Life; Leadership for Life
From social fraternity to the highest levels of business, government and the military, leadership is a critical quality.  What is leadership?  Do you have it?  Do you want it?  How do you develop it?
Presenter: Dr. Marshall Scantlin
GreekBill and the Future of Fraternal Finance
Financial knowledge is essential to success in college and after college.  TKE has partnered with the financial company, GreekBill! Learn how this partnership will benefit your group by providing resources to successfully collect dues and ensure financial security. Learn how to utilize GreekBill's unique features such as online bill pay and professional billing statements. You will also learn to engage effective budgeting practices to achieve success in your chapter, personal life and more.
Presenters: Lance Boehmer & Ellie Richardson
“Holy Crap! What happened?”
An honest discussion on risk management and what to do when a crisis occurs
Frater Tom McAninch talks frankly about how to avoid risks, what liability is, and what to do when the unthinkable happens. He will walk you through things like the Alcohol Policy, Hazing, Crisis Communication, How to Deal with the Media and so much more in this power-packed hour. Get your pen, paper, and brain function set to full power.
Presenter: Tom McAninch
What they don’t teach you in College – Business Etiquette Tips for the Real World

This program is an interactive video romp through the do’s and don’ts of etiquette. Importantly, this is not about whether to hold your pinkie out when sipping high tea, but rather a look at business issues – how to act, dress, and excel in your cubicle, at a meeting, and on a business meal. Participants will see a hilarious video chock-full of real life business etiquette blunders – all from new hires straight out of college. Participants are asked to identify the mistakes the “hero” makes and learn first-hand, from a former Human Resource VP, the tricks of the trade to succeed in the business world. There are always laughs galore and lots of learning in “What They Don’t Teach You in College.”
Presenter: Brad Karsh
The Whole Point: Academic Best Practices & How to Prepare for What’s Next
Frater Tom McAninch & Mr. Glynn LoPresti of Koofers, Inc. will talk with you about effective studying and academic tools that will get you the results needed to succeed. You are in college for a specific reason – learn what you need to excel in the next stage of your life. Take this opportunity to get a few nuggets of knowledge that can help you become the best and go on to become on the list of TKE’s most prominent members.
Presenters: Tom McAninch & Glynn LoPresti
Building the Better Advisor
Tau Kappa Epsilon's mission is Better Men for a Better World.  As an advisor, it is important to know what the mission means to you and to the young men you work with.  During this session we will cover generation theory and the characteristics of Tekes from all ages.  Further participants will learn about Kohlberg's moral development theory and discuss strategies for advising chapters and individuals.  Challenge yourself and in turn the men you work with to strive to achieve TKE's mission!
Presenter: Greg Roskopf 
But Bro…We’re Brothers, It’s Cool.  Right?
Tau Kappa Epsilon aims to build Better Men for a Better World.  Are you supporting this within your local chapter?  As Fraters, we are charged with holding ourselves to a higher standard…so why is it that we struggle with holding each other to the oath we took at initiation?  It isn’t an easy task; but through this workshop we will discuss barriers to bystander behavior, how to make accountability relevant in your chapter, and the support YOU have throughout the TKE Nation.
Presenter: Adam Kearns                                                                                                                                         
Where are the Jobs? Finding Work in Today’s Economy
It is estimated that less than 8% of jobs are found over the Internet while 64% are found through networking. Yet where do people spend the bulk of their job search? Online! Networking is   simply the best way to land work, but students seem to avoid it like the plague. Where are the Jobs? is a step-by-step plan to get people the jobs they want. From who to target and how to approach them, to strategies for informational interviewing and following up, participants leave this presentation with an incredibly specific plan of attack on networking. This engaging presentation is based on real-world job search strategies and gives advice straight from the recruiting department. “Where are the Jobs?” is perfect for people going into any field.
Presenter: Brad Karsh

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