TKE & Boy Scouts Forge Partnership

TKE & Boy Scouts Forge Partnership

Boy Scouts of AmericaINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Tau Kappa Epsilon and the Boy Scouts of America have formally joined forces in a mutually beneficial partnership. The two organizations will help foster a comprehensive development from children into men. The Boy Scouts, like TKE, have been positively impacting lives and helping to build leaders for more than a century.

This affiliation has Chief Scout Executive Robert Mazzuca excited about the future. “There’s something special about the brotherhood you experience by belonging to a fraternity - much like there’s something special about that brotherhood you find in Scouting. That time in college is so crucial to a young person’s future, and knowing that you can find others at your university who share the values you developed through Scouting is extremely encouraging.”

Many of the values and principles taught in this Fraternity align very closely with the BSA. Words such as love, charity and esteem, and ideals of character, scholarship, service, leadership, teamwork and brotherhood are intertwined in the fabric of scouting. Mazzuca believes it’s as close to a mirror image as one can find.

“The fraternity offers young men that next step beyond Scouting that helps prepare them for life. The TKE focus on service and becoming a better man sync up so seamlessly with the aims of the Boy Scouts of America, and we believe that the increased light TKE will shed on Venturing will be of great benefit.”

Similarly, TKE CEO Steven A. Ramos believes his years in scouting drew him to this position within the Fraternity.
“My family didn’t have much.  We didn’t go on vacations and we didn’t have cool stuff like a tent or a canoe.  The Boy Scouts and the great Scout leaders helped me to understand that they measured me on who I was rather than where I came from.  What mattered was that I would commit to the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. TKE was another step in that journey to living a principled and values based life.”

TKE chapters already have many Scouts as members. Those individuals know that Scouting is making a positive impact on the Fraternity by bringing passion for building character, promoting service and developing their leadership skills. 

 “At TKE, you can take the experience of BSA and continue to grow it into manhood throughout the rest of your life,” said Ramos. “These two organizations can help transform you into a success story other men will see for years to come.”

Both TKE and the BSA are looking forward to the prospect of fulfilling the mission of Better Men for a Better World. Together there are limitless possibilities.

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