Brush Up on Legislation for Conclave

Brush Up on Legislation for Conclave
Black BookOne of the most important duties of the representatives attending Conclave is to vote on proposed legislation to our constitution and bylaws. All proposals will be brought before the Grand Chapter during the Second Session on Saturday, August 6 at 2:00 PM.  During the Second Session, the Grand Chapter will also elect a new Grand Council. All legislation that was submitted can be found below. More detailed descriptions of each can be found by clicking the link See Proposed Changes. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by email and/ or bring them up during the Second Session of the Grand Chapter.

AMENDMENT 1: Modification of Chapters XIX, XXV-XXVIII
Submitted by: Mu-Chi Chapter, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Substance of Change: Proposes rewording of bylaws in reference to infractions committed.

See proposed changes.

AMENDMENT 2: Modification of Roles and Responsibilities of Collegiate Officers
Submitted by: Upsilon-Xi Chapter, Oakland University

Substance of Change: Rearranges and rewords the duties and responsibilities of Collegiate Officers.

Reason for Change: To reflect current practices in collegiate chapters; to reflect current terminology and practices in society and commerce; to clarify the powers and duties of certain offices; to recognize the increased significance of information technology and social media; and to recognize the importance of recruitment and alumni involvement.

See proposed changes.

AMENDMENT 3: Removal of Ex Officio Grand Council Members

Submitted by: Mu-Theta Chapter, Lycoming College

Substance of Change: Abolishes the two ex officio Grand Council positions so that the nine-man Grand Council will consist of eight jeweled Grand Officers elected by the Grand Chapter at Conclave and the representative of the Collegiate Advisory Committee.
Reason for Change: The reason for these changes is that it is our belief that the democratic principles of our fraternity are important to the essential character of TKE. By appointing Grand Council members, the ability for the fraternity to direct itself and hold its leadership accountable to its members is diminished. The trust that is established between the Fraternity and the Grand Council loses it efficacy, as the general membership becomes marginalized by appointments not of their approval and consent.

See proposed changes.  

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