RLC Programming Set

RLC Programming Set

RLC 2012 Speakers This year’s Regional Leadership Conferences are expected to be better than ever. More Fraters than ever before have signed up, but you can still reserve your seat by registering today. Why does having more Tekes at these five locations matter? It’s a unique opportunity to learn from each other, network and socialize with men you may not have met if not for the RLC. Find a location that best suits you and sign-up today. The clock is ticking.

If you are still unsure if it’s worth it, check out the programming below. Also, don’t forget about the chance to meet with high profile Tekes from across the TKE Nation - take a look. More information can be found at tke.org/rlc.
These sessions are in no particular order and are subject to change.
TKE History - TKE 101
In the opening TKE 101 session we will discuss the history of TKE. Where have we come from? Who are the Founders & what makes their story unique? Be prepared to learn the great story of this Fraternity.
Being a Father Figure/Mentoring- Alumni Session
This session explores the symbolism of Apollo and how his attributes play a part in being a great mentor. We will discuss the five types of mentoring & explore the psychology of being a great leader.
Leadership within Your Group
Ever wondered what type of leadership is within you? We will explore what type of leader you are, as well as tactics to make your group more effective and more organized.
The Blueprint
Have you heard about The Blueprint program? You will learn what the program is all about & how your group can get involved with what nearly 25% of our groups have now made part of their culture.
Officer 101-TKE 101 Session
Ever wondered what each officer role entails? This session explores the importance and responsibility of each chapter officer as well as how an officer corps should work together.
Interview Skills-Alumni Session
This session discusses all of the areas included in having a successful interview and landing a job. We will talk about dress, preparation, closing an interview, and how to market your TKE experiences.
Are you in a colony or interest group? You need to be at this session! Our team will explain how to go from an interest group to a colony and how to go from a colony to a chartered group.
St. Jude
Our international philanthropy partner, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, will share many effective ideas to raise money and awareness for this great organization.
Retreats: Hitting your Goals-TKE 101
Do you regularly hold retreats? This session will discuss the power of retreats and the impact that can be made when done properly.
Etiquette-Alumni Session
Ever wondered what the correct fork to use is? What each glass means at a nice meal? Frater Greg Roskopf will lead this session discussing every aspect of a restaurant experience & how you can be prepared.
Social Media & You
In this session, we will investigate some of the media that are being used, what the impact of our uses are, and how we can use all of these tools to make our lives and relationships better.
Are you the poor guy that has to say "pay your dues" at each meeting? TKE & GreekBill have created a partnership to get our groups on an innovative & organized system so you don’t have to be the bad guy.
How to: Chapter Meeting-TKE 101
Ever wanted help on how to run a better chapter meeting? We will discuss everything involved in a chapter meeting including how to prepare and run a meeting in the most effective way.
Financial Management-Alumni Session
This session will help you get, guard, and protect your money. Created by a Teke who is the CPA of the Year in Arkansas, this session will appeal to our alumni members and how they can create more wealth.
Financial Management-Undergrad
Similar the afore mentioned session, this will help you get the basics needed to enhance your financial future. This session will talk about many facets of finances including credit, investing, and budgeting.
Ever wondered how to use the TKE Maintenance Module more effectively? How to submit materials that end up on the TKE website? This session will address all of the technologies that we use within TKE.
Top Teke Chapters Teach You
This will be a forum to learn from your peers who have won a Top Teke Award. These Fraters will answer questions & give tips on what they’ve done to achieve the highest honor in TKE.
How to: Ritual-TKE 101
Ever wanted to learn how to do ritual according to the Silver Book? Need an opportunity to get a hands-on look at ritual and learn it in a classroom setting? This session will walk you step-by-step through it.
Generational Management-Alumni Session
Did you know there are four different generational types? Did you know they have repeated over time? We will discuss the four types of cultures that exist & share the common thought-process of each one.
Living Your Values
What are our values? What are the values of TKE? Do we live these values through our actions, our words, or our Fraternity? We will investigate the bond we promise to uphold & how we do it today.
As you have heard many times, recruitment is the lifeblood of the Fraternity. In this session, Buckwheat will discuss recruitment, as well as the details it takes to put on a successful recruitment event.

Risk Management
Keeping our brothers & guests safe is the greatest responsibility all of us have within TKE. This session will teach us how to be better in hosting events and what guidelines we must follow to keep us safe.

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